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Woman asks if she'd be wrong to bail on housesitting gig that was not 'as advertised.'

Woman asks if she'd be wrong to bail on housesitting gig that was not 'as advertised.'


Housesitting can be an easy, breezy gig, but what happens when you're not only sharing the house with the pets you're watching, but also a cursed coven of insects and rodents?

So, when a conflicted housesitter decided to vent to the moral compass of the internet otherwise known as Reddit's 'Am I the As%hole' about whether or not she'd be wrong to back out of a gig, people were ready to weigh in on this saga.

AITA (Am I the a&hole) for bailing on a housesitting job that was not “as advertised?'

I (19F) have been housesitting for a few years now, mostly for family friends and coworkers. I typically charge $40/night and recently took up a housesitting gig for my dearest coworker while she (50+F) and her husband travelled abroad in the UK.

She advertised the job as though I would be staying in a nice house in a small town with her two dogs, who could remain in the yard for a majority of the day so I could go out and about and was not trapped in the house.

I was not able to see the house or meet the dogs up until the day before my gig would start.

Upon my arrival, I was informed that instead of staying in her home, I would be staying in her deceased father's trailer house that had not been lived in for MONTHS and is quite literally something that could be featured on the show “Hoarders: Buried Alive.'

It was tucked away on the edge of town, right outside the woods, there was junk and trash everywhere, it reeked like body odor and moth balls, everything had about half an inch of dust on it, there were cobwebs and spiders in every corner.

However, my coworker assured me she was working on cleaning it up for me, stocking the fridge for me, and making it live-able.

When I arrived the next evening to begin my gig, I found the trailer house to be in the exact same condition I had seen it in the day before, aside from the mixed scent of body odor and Febreze.

Being an asthmatic and having terrible allergies when it comes to dust, I decided to try to open some windows to air it out, however, they were all sealed shut. I looked for a fan or an AC unit, but could locate none of the above in the home. After feeding the dogs and giving them both some love, I decided to turn in for the night.

I was kept awake all night by the mice running around in the walls, in the closet, under my bed. I fell asleep for maybe 30 minutes before I woke up wheezing. I found mouse poop in my shoe the next morning.

I am only on Night 1. She left me a family members contact in case of emergency. I cannot tough it out.

My gut is telling me I need to get out of here. I am tempted to call when the sun rises and let the family member know that this is not working out for me and that I am uncomfortable staying here. So, users of Reddit, if I end up doing that, AITA?

Here's what the jury of internet strangers had to say:

SignalMirror2245 said:

Either way though, NTA. You’re not obligated to stay in a hazardous situation, and this is. You don’t have to sacrifice yourself for a gig, especially one you were tricked into.

It would have been better to just say no as soon as your coworker made the change and not start the gig in the first place once she changed it, but also you’re 19 and it can be hard to stand up for yourself in a situation like that.

Make sure you take lots of pictures and videos to document the condition of the trailer in case your coworker tries to retaliate in any way.

panachi19 said:

NTA use the emergency contact and tell them either you stay in the house or you are done.

vac_roc said:

NTA. Bail. Call your coworker and quit. Check in on the dogs a couple times a day if you are able. Or she can arrange a kennel from the uk.

Don’t call your references unless she offers hazard pay like 2-3 x the rate. Your coworker is taking advantage of you. In the future maybe it’s actually better to house sit for people you don’t know as well.

Individual_Ad_9213 said:

NTA. Your friend was less than truthful about where you would be staying and its condition. She even misled you with the promise that the place would be cleaned up before you went there. You should have canceled the very first time that you saw the place.

anemoschaos said:

NTA. These are plainly unsanitary living conditions. I wonder if the house owner has liability insurance for any health issues that ensue? I'd contact the emergency contact at first light and just say you cannot stay here because it is affecting your health.

Give distinct choices - you stay in the main house with the dogs or you hand over care of the dogs to them. I hope you are preparing a checklist and T&Cs for the next time you house sit, including viewing properties/residential arrangements before accepting the job.

So, there you have it! Hopefully she was able to get out without any spiders following her...

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