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Woman decides not to split vacation bill equally with couple bringing kid. AITA?

Woman decides not to split vacation bill equally with couple bringing kid. AITA?


Splitting up the costs of a vacation with a big group is an extreme sport in Venmo, SplitWise, finding an ATM, or surrendering all your cash because none of your friends can remember to include the tax and the tip when they determine what they owe...

So, when a conflicted woman decided to consult the moral compass of the internet otherwise known as Reddit's 'Am I the A@*&^le' about the budget on a vacation, people were quick to help deem a verdict.

"AITA for changing my mind about splitting the cost of our group vacation equally?"

Myself (32) and my husband (35) are friends with two other couples and we have been taking group vacations for a few years now.

We are all teachers except for my husband who is a welder. We don't take every single vacation together or anything like that. But for one week every summer we go somewhere as a group. We obviously skipped 2020/21.

It is a great way for us to reconnect and decompress. I have always left my kids with my parents and the other couples have arranged their own child care. We got together this last weekend to decide what we were going to do for next summer. We decided that we were going to Florida. It is cheaper and less crowded in the summer believe it or not. And all of us can deal with the heat.

But one of the couples wants to bring their child (12). She loves seashells and has heard all about this place. Okay. Not ideal but we decide it would be fine. Here's the problem: We always split the cost of the rental evenly. It's fair. Three couples. Each of us pays one third. So we found a rental that has one room that has two queen beds so that we still only need three rooms.

Not acceptable. On their vacation they want alone time. Okay we find a rental with four bedrooms. But it is more expensive. So they will have to pay more since they get two bedrooms.

Cue shocked Pikachu face.

'But we always split the rental three ways'.

Well yeah because three isn't four.

Before anyone says anything we did not tell them they had to pay 50% since they got two bedrooms that isn't what we said. We just expected them to pay the difference between a three bedroom and four bedroom rental.

Now they are upset with us for burdening them financially because they want to give their daughter an experience. My husband and I don't think we should subsidize them. The third couple think we should split the bill this one time to keep the peace. AITA?

This couple wants to bring their 12-year-old kid on a couples trip with no other kid, but also wants alone time?

Do they accept their kid to hang out with her shells the whole time alone in a room that all of their friends paid extra for? Reevaluating the costs of a trip when extra costs are added is completely reasonable and the other couples shouldn't have to fund their forced family trip.

Of course, the jury of internet strangers was eager to weigh in on this vacation budget drama. Here's what people had to say:

Johnny-Fakehnameh said:

NTA. 'The third couple think we should split the bill this one time to keep the peace.' Nope. Never set a precedent. They will expect you to adhere to it every time. Stick to your guns. If they want to split it evenly they can stick with one room. In fact please show them the responses - they have a lot of gall to think everyone else should subsidize their extra room.

Susccmmp said:

NTA also it doesn’t sound fun for anyone to bring a 12 year old on an adult trip.

slightlydying said:

NTA, they want to take their kid with them, they're gonna pay that.

jdragonz said:

NTA. First they change the dynamic of the holiday by wanting to bring their daughter (sounds like they didn't really discuss it with you either), then they expect you and the other couple to subsidize them because they don't want to share a room with their daughter.

As you've said, you're not asking them to pay 50% of the cost, just the extra for the extra room THEY want. Doing it 'this one time' will not be a one time thing - I wouldn't be surprised if they'll expect you or the other couple to babysit while you're on holiday so they can have 'alone time'

So, there you have it!

Everyone agreed unanimously here that this woman isn't wrong to insist that her friends cover the extra costs as they've decided to bring their kid on an adults-only trip. Good luck, everyone!

Sources: Reddit
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