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Stranger avoids a woman at the gym after comments about weight. 'I've noticed you around.' AITA?

Stranger avoids a woman at the gym after comments about weight. 'I've noticed you around.' AITA?


"AITAH for avoiding a stranger at gym after she commented on my weight?"

I was at the gym one time. I usually just keep to myself and never talk or interact with anyone. In return no one talks to me which I'm okay with.

One time I was on a stair climber machine beside one lady. I finish and get one and the lady on the machine beside grabs my attention and says "hey" as she takes out her earphones.

She smiles and says "I've noticed you around. You look like you've lost a lot of weight. You should be really proud of yourself". I actually felt really uncomfortable with it and just said thanks back.

In the days after I just never used that machine again and walk back and forward in the long way around the gym to avoid her.

Another day she happens to run into me again in another weights machines area of the gym. She gets on the machine beside me and awkwardly says "eh....Hi." I just said hi back without making eye contact or talking further. AITAH For avoiding her?

Here's what top commenters had to say:

amyloulie said:

NAH. I don’t think she meant anything negative, but it’s equally okay for you to feel awkward.

Muted_Hour_957 said:

NTA however I think she was trying to make small talk and tried opening with a compliment. Based on these facts I think she may be interested in you. She noticed you and committed you to her memory enough to notice your weight loss.

She walked up to a stranger and commented / complimented your progress. She found you and tried to engage in conversation again. I doubt she meant anything by her comment and was simply trying to open a conversation with you.

Lasher_ said:

NTA, but she isn't either. She was just being friendly and paid you a compliment. And she's right, you should be proud of yourself.

ResponsibleSeaweed66 said:

NTA, but dude lighten up. Woman’s trying to talk to you. Hell, maybe even romantically and you got all up in your self consciousness about it. Take a breath, get that workout in and next time be proud. You’ve accomplished something great and someone took notice!

Electronic_Fox_6383 said:

No, you're NTA. Some people like to jibber jabber at the gym and some people just want to be left alone. I'm sure she meant well, but that would make me uncomfortable too tbh. Like, stop looking at my body, lol.

apiratelooksatthirty said:

You’re NTA, but dang, can’t we accept a compliment? You’re at the gym working out regularly, and she’s noticed, and wanted to say something nice. You obviously don’t have to continue engaging with a stranger if you don’t want to, but she was just trying to be nice.

Everyone here was on OP's side. What's your advice for this awkward gym encounter?

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