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Woman bans husband's 'clunky' Peloton from 'her' sunroom, 'he has a man cave.' AITA? UPDATED

Woman bans husband's 'clunky' Peloton from 'her' sunroom, 'he has a man cave.' AITA? UPDATED


"AITA for not letting my husband put a Peloton in our sunroom"...

My husband (32M) and I (31F) live in a modest 3 bed 2 bath house. We don’t have kids so it’s just the 2 of us and our dog. We’ve had the house for years now and have designated personal spots in the house. The biggest bedroom is our room, the medium sized bedroom is a guest room and my husband uses the dresser in it for his clothes. And the smallest of the bedrooms is my husband’s room- a man cave, one may call it.

We also have a “sunroom” which for the most part has been dedicated as mine. It’s a bit of a larger space and is our means to the backyard. We use it a lot for entertaining but I took control of the decor and the vibe of the room. About a third of the room I have made into a little yoga/pilates studio. I have plants everywhere and all of my equipment is coordinated to the deco- a great little zen spot if I do say so myself. And the other 2/3s of the room has a sofa and a table and the door to the back yard.

My husband’s family has a traveling Peloton bike. It’s been with his parents, then to us, then with his brother and now it’s traveling back to us. I personally don’t like it but my husband thinks it’s a good workout. Anyway, he says he’s going to put it in the sunroom. I told him no and said he could put it in the guest room, his room or the garage. He says that the sunroom has the most space for it and it’s the nicest room in the house so it will be nice for him to work out in there.

Now for those of you who have seen a Peloton bike in person, they aren’t the sleekest. It’s big and clunky and black and 1. Does not fit the bright, light natural sanctuary I made the room to be and 2. The space he wants to put it in is awkwardly right in the middle of the room blocking the path to the back door.

And since we’ve had it before I know what it looks like and the inconvenient space it takes up (which is part of the reason we gave it away the first time). It’s not like I said he couldn’t put it in the house at all, I gave him other option. So AITA for not letting my husband put a peloton in our sunroom?

Here's what top commenters had to say about this one:

SaintAnyanka said:

NTA. He has a room designated “his man cave” - why can’t it go in there? It sounds like you’ve divided the house, he has the man cave you have the sun room. Offer him to take the sun room if you can have the man cave, and switch the furniture. See what his reaction is then.

Lynfran said:

No no no no no NTA. You don’t want it, he does. He has a room. There is a guest room. He can put it in his room, or the guest room. Your room is your room. You can tell him if he needs more space, you can buy another house.

International-Fee255 said:

NTA Tell him you are happy to swap rooms, he can move everything from his "man cave" into the sunroom and then he can put his bike in there. He doesn't get all the rooms just because he feels like it.

canada11235813 said:

NTA. People need their personal space, some more than others. If you have a personal space that you’ve made your own, it should be respected. Just like his man-cave. Suggest to him that if he puts the Peleton in your space, you’ll need to store some bright pink yoga mats and a few random other things in his space. The conversation should resolve itself pretty quickly after that.

HoshiJones said:

NTA. He has his mancave, and you don't have a womancave. The sunroom is the closest thing to your space, even if it isn't fully yours. He's being selfish as f-k.

bolivia_422 said:

Hahahaha, nope. Why would you put a clunky exercise bike in “the nicest room in the house” when he already has plenty of “his” space? NTA, and I hope you continue to enjoy your beautifully decorated sunroom and yoga space.

Ornery-Wasabi-473 said:

NTA. He has the dresser in the guest room, and a whole room just for himself, and Im assuming he also uses a bit if the garage for himself, too You're using a small area of a common room. There's no good reason for you to give up your little comfort zone - he's already got his, you deserve one, too.


For anyone who cares…he put the peloton is in the sunroom. It is not in the middle of the room as it was before, he did put it in the corner, next to my Pilates equipment. I asked why he couldn’t put it in his room and he said there was no room. I asked why he couldn’t put it in the guest room and he said he would but we need to clear stuff out first.

That weekend I did a major clean out of the guest room cleaning out things we didn’t need and rearranging to make room for the peloton. When I showed him the space for the bike he said “but it’s work out equipment, it should go with the workout stuff.” I explained (pointing to his man cave) “this is your space, and the portion of the sunroom is my space.

I don’t put my things in your space and I would not like the bike in mine.” He said “but you can use the Peloton.” Now I’m not going to use it. I don’t like it and the principle of it being in the spot I didn’t want it I definitely won’t use it. Is it petty? Yes. Am I proud? Also yes.

To add, we recently got a new coffee table and we pushed the old one off to the side. I asked my husband to help me move it into the garage until we can find a way to dispose of it. He kept saying later and 3 weeks later I decide I can do it myself. It was a bit large and heavy but it’s on wheels so easy peasy.

I may-or may NOT have- lost control of the coffee table around a corner and may - or may NOT have- put a tiny hole in the wall. There is no hard evidence that it was me and thus the incident remains alleged. Anyways given the recent event I am on a slight probationary period of moving large objects myself.

So now friends, I stare at the peloton in my space and debate if I (A) try to move it myself (B) suck it up and leave it where it is or (C) set the house on fire, collect the insurance money and never see the bike again. And for those who don’t understand sarcasm that was a joke. I’m obviously not going to leave it in the sunroom. Thank you to everyone who replied and became invested in my first world problem, it was very much appreciated.

Here's what top commenters had to say after the update:

C_Majuscula said:

Oh honey, the truly petty thing to do would be to move your Pilates equipment into the man cave.

becoming_maxine said:

NTA. You could just tell him you want it moved, no excuses and if he doesn't find a different place then the sunroom where you spend your time, you will have it moved. If it doesn't move hire movers to move it. Stop letting excuses stop you from removing his toys from your space. I'm not so nice I would be in his man cave making room for it.

gilthedog said:

NTA. And I would start moving my stuff into his “man cave."

Dry_Mastodon7574 said:

Drag the Peloton into the backyard. Every time yoour husband complains, drag something else of his into the backyard. Tell him since he has no respect for the space you carved out or yourself, you'll start carving out your space in his stuff.

Right-Analysis6274 said:

Spill glitter all over the Pelton by "accident" and don't clean it up. Or baby powder if you dont want to go the glitter route, cover that thing. You can probably more easily make that look like an accident. Also, start using it as a clothing and drying rack so he constantly has to move things off of it. Tape off an equal section of his room that can hold the Pelton and put stuff there that he will hate, like a scary doll collection. Don't wait for his help to move it, hire people and move it. NTA.

Pink_lady-126 said:

NTA...I would start hanging stuff on it. Workout clothes hanging on the seat and handlebars, use the cup holder for your drink, hang a towel to wipe your sweat when working out, etc.

Everyone was on OP's side throughout for this one. What's your advice for this couple?

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