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'AITA for suggesting my SIL is lying about burying my BIL with his wedding ring?'

'AITA for suggesting my SIL is lying about burying my BIL with his wedding ring?'


"AITA for suggesting that my sister inlaw is lying about burying my brother inlaw's wedding ring with him?"

Basically, my brother inlaw (my husband's brother) passed away from cancer 2 weeks ago.

His widow/wife aka sister inlaw has never really been on good terms with my inlaws/her inlaws. They were having issues in the past and now from what I gather, my mother inlaw is planning on going to court for grandparents rights to get visitation of the kids.

My inlaws had been asking my sister inlaw to give them my brother inlaw's wedding ring so they could keep it. She refused and they got into a huge argument then she left with the kids. They went over to her home yesterday hoping to take the ring from her but she told them she didn't have it, and that she buried it with my brother inlaw.

When my parents inlaw mentioned this and were devastated, I suggested that she might just be lying to get them to drop it. Suddenly, they got up and quickly got into their cars and went over to her house and had another huge argument there.

Sister inlaw called me later cussing at me saying I was horrible to be basically meddling in her life and encouraging my inlaws to come after her and harrass her. I argued that I only made a suggestion and that her real issue was with them.

She hung up after telling me to mind my own business and stop getting involved. My husband berated me for what I said and said that his parents are crazy, and that I shouldn't approve of their behavior or even help them harrass my grieving sister inlaw.

I mean my parents inlaw are also grieving and I, too, am grieving and my sister inlaw's words hurt me when all I did was just make a suggestion when I saw how devastated my parents inlaw were. AITA?

Let's find out.

banansling writes:

YTA. Your SIL just lost her husband 2 weeks ago and you all are giving her a harder time than she needs right now. She's probably more devastated (at least equally devastated) about this entire situation than you guys are. She just lost the love of her life.

coool09 disagrees:

NTA but the PIL are. But SIL is sooo obviously lying. And that she called you essentially shows that she IS in fact keeping the ring somewhere.

knightofnihilism writes:

YTA for sure. Your husband's right. I'd advise your SIL to block all of you right after one final message saying, 'If you have an issue please just take me to small claims court. If I get a summons I will show up but beyond that I want no contact while I mourn my husband.'

Also, legally and morally speaking, as his wife, she's entitled to keep the ring if she chooses. It's his wedding ring. How can anyone but the spouse feel entitled to it at all?? Y'all squabbling over possessions after a beloved family member is gone. So shameful.

Well, is OP TA? Or is SIL definitely lying? What do you think?

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