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Woman breaks up with boyfriend after he gave her a 'crappy' Christmas present. AITA?

Woman breaks up with boyfriend after he gave her a 'crappy' Christmas present. AITA?


"AITA for breaking up with my boyfriend after he gave me a crappy Christmas present?"

I (F28) broke up with my boyfriend (M38) on Xmas day after we exchanged gifts. I have a lot going on. I’m moving houses and I’m dealing with a new job position that has me feeling that I have a lot to catch up to from the past director. I set my alarm very early in the morning last week and took the time to buy him and his daughter (F16) presents that they could enjoy.

To be fair, there’s an income gap between us, but even a pair of affordable earrings could have made me feel happy. Because the house is a mess, I even closed off the living room with curtains so that the stack of boxes and things wouldn’t make the Xmas decorations look ugly. I made sure the tree looked nice, I bought the food that he likes and I made myself pretty for him.

He arrived and the first thing he did was to make fun of my makeup. He also made fun of my Santa hat. He laughed like I’m some ridiculous cartoon. We ate and talked, and I gave him my present (Airpods), which he loved the point of posting on IG. His daughter got her present (Hot Topic stuff) and I was very glad that she loved it.

He took her back to her mom’s house and didn’t get back in an hour like he said (that’s their Xmas arrangement). We were supposed to spend time together, but he came back about three hours later because his mother had visitors and he wanted to catch up.

He sat watching tv and gave me zero affection. He gave me his present which TBH, I would have preferred not to get anything. I’m not a drinker. He got me a small wine bottle that I’ve seen marked at 3-5 USD at the 7-11.

I know I wasn’t at my best because he said my face changed. He has a job. He could have gotten something actually thinking of me. I felt horrible when he said he would give me an IOU and that the rest of my present was in his pants. I ignorantly thought it was some game. Maybe he hid a small gift inside his pants? Nope. I was supposed to take his boy parts as a gift.

I was furious. It was cheap and while I’m very sexual, it wasn’t sexy. It felt vulgar. I asked him to leave and thanked him for giving me the worst Christmas and took back my present. I cried after he left and when he texted me if I was okay I broke up with him and blocked him.

His siblings have been trying to reach me. I’ve blocked them all. One of them accused me of being materialistic and shallow. And also said that not everyone has a fancy job and that I;m unfair for expecting a certain level of gifting. AITA???

Here's what top commenters had to say about this one:

WavesnMountains said:

NTA I’m sorry, but he doesn’t even like you. He just likes what you do for him.

pibble3434 said:

Absolutely NTA. It's crucial to recognize when someone's interest is more about what you can do for them rather than a genuine appreciation for who you are. True relationships are built on mutual respect and care, not just on one-sided expectations.

You deserve to be valued for yourself, not just for what you provide. It might be worth having an open and honest conversation to ensure that your relationship is built on a foundation of genuine connection and reciprocity. Your well-being and feelings matter.

Pristine-Mastodon-37 said:

That same $5 could have bought you a pair of Walmart earrings which would have felt more like he cared even a little. Like dude, pretend you didn’t pick up the barefoot moscato on the way to her place on Christmas morning from the only open convenience store you could find.

Sounds like you got some lovely AirPods and some freedom from BS for yourself for Christmas! NTA.

CrabbiestAsp said:

NTA. I don't even think this is about the gift. It's about his lack of respect for you. He insulted how you looked, he doesn't respect your time, he doesn't care enough to be thoughtful for you, he was vulgar and immature towards you.

WoodHammer40000 said:

NTA. Sounds like you definitely did the right thing. Just don’t let this schlub talk you into taking him back.

no_one_you_know1 said:

NTA. He made his disregard for and dislike of you clear. I would not stay around to be told I looked funny and that my makeup was wrong and be given an afterthought of a gift and just sit around alone while he visited everybody else.

Well, I probably would have years ago, but I've since learned to think more of myself and stand up against being abused. You did the right thing.

forgetregret1day said:

Yeah he lost me with the gift in the pants comment. That’s just vulgar and demeaning. You’re better off rid of him. NTA.

Everyone was on OP's side for this one. What's your advice for this couple?

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