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Woman asks if it was bad to go 'bridezilla' on bridesmaid who spilled wine on dress.

Woman asks if it was bad to go 'bridezilla' on bridesmaid who spilled wine on dress.


Being a bridezilla is a no no, but in this case, was it justified? When this bride kicks her bridesmaid out of the wedding for spilling wine on her dress, she asks Reddit:

'AITA for going “bridezilla” after my bridesmaid spilled wine on my wedding dress?'

I (27 F) got married a month ago. My dress was this long, lacy gown that my mom wore at her wedding. My mom passed away about 2 years ago.

Because the dress was so important to me, I had a big plan to keep it safe from any damages. I would only wear the dress at the wedding itself, and I would switch to a more casual dress for the reception. When I was wearing the dress, I wouldn’t eat or drink anything except water, and I would stay inside at all times.

I promise I’m not usually this crazy about cleanliness, but this was my mom’s dress, and the thought of it being damaged broke my heart. But I also knew I wanted to wear it when I got married to have a piece of her with me. She adored this dress and always dreamed I would wear it.

My bridesmaids knew very well about my particularities with the dress. I had a room above the venue where I was getting ready. My dress was hanging in a safe place in the room.

On the day of the wedding, I went down to check on something for the wedding, leaving my bridesmaids in the room. Here’s what happened, as they told it to me:

They opened a bottle of Pinot Noir (my favorite) as a celebration. They poured themselves glasses and began to walk around checking out the room. One of my bridesmaids, “Anna,” (27 F) wanted to get a closer look at my dress.

She got really close to it, and she started touching the lace. Somehow, her hand holding the wine glass slipped, and wine spilled all over the bottom of the dress.

When I came upstairs, they told me what happened, and I started sobbing. My maid of honor called several professional cleaners, and they said there was no way they could get the dress in before the wedding. They told us ways to save the dress until we could get it into them, so my MOH started doing that.

After that call, I became extremely angry. I literaly LOST MY SH*T. I asked “Anna” what the hell she was doing holding red wine so close to my dress when she knew how careful I was being. She dismissed it and said it wasn’t such a big deal because I was planning to wear the dress, so it could have gotten damaged that way too.

I couldn’t believe she said that. I called her thoughtless and careless and stupid. I told her that she was no longer part of the wedding and that I wanted her to leave. She left, and neither of us have reached out to the other since.

I got married in the dress I had planned to wear for the reception, and I was heartbroken not to be wearing my mom’s dress. After the wedding, my bridesmaids joked that I was a bridezilla for kicking “Anna” out after she made a “honest mistake.”

I absolutely don’t think I’m the AH or a bridezilla because Anna’s reaction was so horrible and insincere. But I wanted to get the story off my chest and ask some people who might be more impartial, AITA?

Well, let's see what Reddit had to say.

Slightflamingo7657 writes:

NTA. How convenient it was that the very moment you left the room they decided to 'celebrate' without you, immediately opened a bottle of a liquid known to be the cause of terrible stains.

Then while holding a glass the bridesmaid just so happened to saunter over super close to a wedding dress that it has been stressed very hard must be kept clean and then oopsie poopsie was such a butterfingers that her wine glass just slipped out of her fingers~

Then, after being more than justifiably angry at this ridiculous series of events and lack of contrition, the other girls say you were being a bridezilla?

Normalcrazy8769 disagrees:

YTA. Your friend is a person. Your dress is a thing. You did her a favor. You didn't need to humiliate her.

pnwwonderland makes this interesting point:

NTA. Anna should have been on the ground groveling for forgiveness! She needs to be fired as a friend and maybe the rest of your bridesmaids. My jaw is still on the floor. You drink white wine or champagne near wedding dress!!

If they spill you dab with club soda and air dry and pray to all the gods. Are all your friends incompetent rookies? Red wine is a rookie mistake but dismissing your hurt and devastation is the killer for me.

Well, seems like the jury's out on this one. Is OP a Bridezilla? Is she an AH? Or is her ex bridesmaid TOXIC and LYING? What are YOUR thoughts?

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