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Woman calls BF a 'baby' for not wanting to eat salt because of high blood pressure.

Woman calls BF a 'baby' for not wanting to eat salt because of high blood pressure.


High blood pressure is no joke. If left untreated, it can lead to complications such as heart disease or stroke. Thankfully the condition is treatable through healthy living (diet and exercise), but not everyone is willing to put in that work.

On a popular Reddit thread, one woman is not willing to make sacrifices for her boyfriend's health because she doesn't think her boyfriend is making the same sacrifices.

She writes:

My boyfriend [33M] and I [29F] have been living together for the last 1.5 years (together for 2.5). A few months ago, my boyfriend had his blood pressure measured, and it came back ever so slightly high. He's a very healthy weight for his height, tall and thin (but muscular from work as a diesel mechanic), but high blood pressure is no joke, so he decided to try to clean up his diet.

I do 90% of the cooking at home (by choice, he does dishes and vacuums, so this isn't an issue), and I genuinely cook on the healthier side. I'm only 5'3' and slim and athletic, so I focus a lot on healthy proteins, so we eat a lot of proteins and veggies, and I like to play around with different sauces and things to make it enjoyable. I feel like the meals I make set a strong foundation for an overall healthy lifestyle. My boyfriend loves my cooking and always brags to his friends about what we eat.

Suddenly, my boyfriend decided he didn't want to eat salt in the things we eat at home. We've never used salt excessively in our diet, so asking me to cut a healthy amount from our meals seems ridiculous. I can't work with that. I do too much cardio and strength training and don't want a sodium deficiency because my boyfriend suddenly decided we can't have salt in breakfast or dinner (meals we eat together).

I brought that up to him, and he suggested salting my food separately (which...fine, but we all know it doesn't taste the same), cooking our food in separate pots, or for me to supplement in other ways (like Gatorade).

This is where the issue comes in. I would be thrilled to make these accommodations if it would help. However, he's constantly snacking on high-sodium snacks (like chips and pretzels and frozen egg rolls), and I feel like it's unfair to ask me to change how I salt our food before working on cutting out some of his unhealthy eating choices.

He's gotten to the point where he feels disrespected if I cook for both of us and use salt, and he'll refuse to eat or do the dishes if I tell him I've salted the food. I think he's a baby, and I refuse to stop salting our food. We're at an impasse. So, AITA?

The internet has some opinions about OP's salt bae.

WayMoreCowbell says:

NTA (Not the A**hole). If he still eats salty snacks. No way. I was on the fence until I got to that part.

irate_anatid says:

NTA. The high-sodium snacks are the issue, not your cooking. My dad developed high cholesterol when I was a kid and was told to cut out red meat. So the whole family cut out what little red meat we were eating. We discover that dad is just eating red meat for lunch at work instead. So that was the end of the whole family making a change, because why should we when he won’t help himself?

Infamous_Control_778 says:

The fact that he keeps consuming lots of salt outside of meals makes you NTA. If he wants salt free dinner, he's salt free to cook for himself.

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