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Woman calls cops on sister; 'Stop LYING. You tried to POISON me at your dinner party!' AITA? UPDATED

Woman calls cops on sister; 'Stop LYING. You tried to POISON me at your dinner party!' AITA? UPDATED


When this woman is convinced her sister is out to get her despite her sister denying it, she asks the internet:

"AITAH for calling the cops on my sister after she tried to poison me even though she denies it?"

1(21 F) and my sister (23 F) have never had any issues until last week. She and her husband (23 M) had invited me over for dinner, which is normal for us.

I have a severe shellfish allergy, even touching it makes me extremely itchy, my sister is completely aware of this and has been since we were children.

When I got to their house she said that food was already finished and in the fridge, she claimed that it was just a tuna pasta (yes, I can eat tuna, an many other fish, just nothing with a shell).

After she finished cleaning up we had a short conversation about what's been happening in our lives since it had been a while since we'd seen each other. I got this strange feeling from her but just brushed it off as I was extremely tired that day.

She grabbed the food out of the fridge and served it for me, giving me a small bowl "in case I don't like it". I couldn't smell much of it, and from what I could smell I just assumed it was fish, but when I took a bite l almost immediately felt my throat burning.

I was coughing and grabbing at my throat, and her husband kept asking me if I was choking. My sister turned to me panicking and saying "I thought you were exaggerating!!"

An ambulance was called and I was rushed to the hospital, I was thankfully okay but they had made me stay to be monitored for next two days.

My sister and BIL had tried to visit me but I told her to get out. She kept apologising and refusing to leave. I told her that l'll be calling the police on her for what she'd done, as it's literally attempted murder, to stop lying, she tried to poison me and she lost it.

She kept screaming at me saying "I know you're faking this, you always act like you're allergic to shellfish so I wanted to test you!" Id been pressing the call button for the nurse but they heard her regardless and had asked me if I wanted them removed. I said yes.

I explained the whole situation to her and the hospital security and eventually decided that with the help of the nurse and security guards l'd file a report against her.

My mother is saying I'm overreacting and that I should have just cut contact, but I don't know anymore.

Also: When I was a young child my sister had witnessed me have a severe reaction and went to the hospital where I underwent treatment. She was also there when I was informed I had a shellfish allergy.

You may be wondering why I never had an epipen on me, and that’s because I didn’t feel the need to as she was my sister. AITA?

EDIT: I’m not in America, my country has free healthcare so I can’t make her pay any medical bills for me. EDIT: this has already been updated.

EDIT: I’m sick of the people who refuse to read then continue to blame me for not having an epipen when I was never able to get one, i was never able to get a prescription due to doctors REFUSING like what had happened to many people in the comments too. This post wasn’t able to pen so if you come here to mention it, you’ll be blocked.

Before we give you OP's major update, let's take a look at some top responses and OP's replies to those comments:

SamuelVimesTrained: SIL - tries to murder OP because her peanut brain cannot comprehend allergies. Mother of OP: don't be upset, don't overreact. NTA. report her, AND your mother for enabling this (if at all possible).

OP: Unfortunately I’m not able to report my mother, but I’ll absolutely go no contact with her, as for my sister, already onto that

Devils_Advocate-69: Is there a future inheritance she doesn’t want to share?

OP: Due to an argument years ago my mother took me out of her will, made sure only my golden child sister would get it all. No family other than my mother, she cut me out after we got into a petty argument (over my sister) not that it matters to me, my mother doesn’t have much anyway.

OP on the relationships with her mom, sister, and BIL:

OP: My sister and I never had many obvious problems but I was very aware she thought she was better than me due to my mother treating her better than me. I was the one who introduced BIL to my sister, we were friends. However he never had any idea about my allergy.

We only have our mother, father died a long time ago. I’m not in anyone’s will so that’s not the reason for her to want me dead.

She does hate me, that’s the thing. I said we’d never had any previous issues but that’s because she’d never started anything, she’d always made it obvious that she hated me though.

OP on having a case against her sister for her allergy situation:

OP: I have medical records from childhood and also proof of my allergies that could possibly be used as evidence. I’ve also planned on recording calls if I can.

No hospital expenses and i wasn’t on shift at the time, but I’m taking a protective order out on her and filing a report with help from the nurse who overheard everything.

OP on if her BIL actually knew about her allergy:

OP: I should probably edit this into my story since I’ve explained it way too many times lmao. Her husband is a good friend of mine, i introduced them to each other. He had no clue about my allergy and he doesn’t eat seafood so there was no reason for me to tell him. He thought I was just choking on the food.

corodox writes:

NTA and I'd go through with going to the police. Your sister literally admitted that she wanted to test your allergy, she actually tried to kill you to see if you were really allergic and even after what happens she still claims you are faking it, as if the entire hospital is cooperating with you in order to fake it all.

Is your sister quite alright in the head? I'd file charges before she does this with someone else and actually succeeds in getting them killed. She's a danger to anyone with an allergy like that, which could some day include one of her children..

As for your mother, I don't think you are overreacting at all after your sister tried to kill you, instead your mother seems to be underreacting after what happened. She probably doesn't want your sister to possibly face jail and such, which is why she's asking you not to file.

crazycellmate writes:

I really hope you are in UK because I was reading about a case where a lady's 'friend' put nuts in a meal during cooking and fished them out before serving it to her. She was well aware of her nut allergy and wanted to be a hero by saving her with her EpiPen.

She didn't bank on having to get emergency services and paramedics found an ICE card in the patient's purse detailing her allergy. 'Friend' broke down and admitted what she had done, they called police.

Because it was premeditated she was looking at attempted murder charge. It also meant it couldn't have been classed as manslaughter if the lady had died. Her telling the truth from the start brought the charge down from attempted murder to AOABH.

She was given a custodial sentence of I believe 3 years, half to be served on licence. I was delighted to read it as my daughter (32) has a nut allergy which had her hospitalised a few times as a toddler before she was diagnosed.

Her aunt (her dad's sister) deliberately fed her a choc n nut Tracker bar when she was about 7 or 8 because she didn't believe it was true.

She did it as I was pulling up in the car to collect her though and I administered the EpiPen straight away and called an ambulance. The timing wasn't due to her being worried about it but because she wanted to show me what my daughter had eaten and not had a reaction because it was all lies. Yeah that worked out well, not!

She has not been in that bi**he's company since then and still remembers very clearly the day her aunt tried to kill her. That's why she suffers from terrible anxiety about going out for a meal even to a friend's house. She doesn't even 100% trust me or my mum in case we overlook an ingredient on a label.

Please update us with any progress on the police front.

sanityjanity writes:

NTA. Your sister is trying to win some stupid fight that she's been having in her own head for years or decades. It sounds like she genuinely believed that you've been faking it all along (as if medical professionals can't tell the difference between faking and anaphylactic shock).

This is a weird dynamic that we keep reading about on reddit over and over where adults think that concerns about allergies are faking or blow out of proportion or "spoiling" a child.

Your sister literally assaulted you by feeding you shellfish. She endangered your life, and may have made your allergy worse (I'm sure you know that some allergies get even more dangerous after an exposure). And she hasn't apologized or expressed any serious remorse or accountability for her bad behavior.

It's fine that you called the cops. It would be best that you literally never interact with her again.

But, maybe also you could take some time to talk to a therapist, because you really should not be questioning yourself so deeply on this that you need to make multiple reddit posts.

You deserve a little professional support to prop up on your sense of self-worth. Because you are going to have to defend yourself against family members who think this was fine.

intgelll writes:

Your mother only wants to protect her golden child. She literallt had you sent to the hospital cus she took your allergy as a joke. Definitely file charges against her!! You are not overreacting.

You could have died. If the ambulance wasn’t called and she was still saying you were faking, YOU COULD HAVE DIED. You are 100% correct and that’s attempted murder. Your mom saying you’re overreacting is so ugly too.

crmmmm writes:

NTA. my brother is allergic to fish (shellfish is okay tho) and when we were much younger we went to a stingray petting/feeding pool at a zoo that had a giant board outside saying "if you're allergic to these kinds of seafood it may be best to not participate in this as we feed the stingrays shrimp and fish so the water will not be safe to touch"

i told my brother this, and he said "you're not mom you can't tell me what to do" and we ended up having to leave early bc he was covered in hives everywhere the water touched and had to drive to get him some benadryl.

it's not a severe allergy by any means, but he was starting to pass out shortly after we noticed the rash and he's been a lot more careful ever since then.

your sister literally tried to kill you. she's aware of your allergy but still tried to catch you in a "lie" even when she heard from the doctor themselves that you had a severe shellfish allergy. she has known about it growing up.

instead of believing you and the hospital, she chose to do her own experiment which could've cost you your life. absolutely file a police report on it, that was premeditated attempted murder.

And now, OP's update:

Update! Just like to say to all of you who are blaming me for not having an epipen man absolutely zero sense.

1 not everyone can afford one (even if you have free healthcare because it’s not 100% covered).

2 not everyone with an allergy carries an epipen, and 3 she was my sister, why Wouk I feel the need to bring an epipen to her house for a homemade lunch? Obviously now I know to save up for one.

Anyway, this morning I went into the police station and with the help of the nurse who overheard everything, filed a report. I wanted to know what I could do and that said that they could realistically only give me a temporary protective order while we wait for the court date where the judge will decide what’s best.

Yes, the hospital has cameras, so I’ll ask the hospital if that can be used as evidence in court, or even with the police as I still need to write a statement. Other than that, almost fully recovered and back to work tomorrow. I know it’s a short update, but that’s all I’ve got for you guys.

Yeah, I’ve got a temporary protection order in place for the time being, that’s definitely enough for now. I’ve cut my mother out of my life, she refuses to take my side on this and I’m done with her toxic and favouriting (my sister) behavior.

My mother treats my sister like a golden child, got mad and me and refused to help me out when I said I was filing a report and getting a protection order so she’s been blocked.

A lot of people have been giving me tips on how to get cheaper alternatives and stuff, it’s been extremely helpful and I’ll be looking into everything I can. It just annoys me that they’re still blaming me even after I put the reasons why people can’t get them. They’re not “excuses” they’re extremely valid reasons.

That’s the other thing, I was never given a prescription for one or anything, so I had no idea how to get it. But you really do have to wait so long if you don’t have private health. Then again I looked it up and apparently epipens cost more here if you go through private?

My sister saw me choking and also saw me on the ventilator after, she was also there while they explained to my mother what had happened and how severe my allergy is. She didn’t see them actually do interventions but she saw the aftermath of it.

What do YOU make of OP's story? Any advice for her?

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