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Cruel nurse treats new mothers like garbage; sister tells her she's a misogynist.

Cruel nurse treats new mothers like garbage; sister tells her she's a misogynist.


Giving birth is the single most impressive feat of strength a person can do. Women that choose to do it are doing something incredibly vulnerable and brave. That's why they deserve to be treated like royalty and given anything they need to make the process as comfortable as possible. You'd expect healthcare workers to understand this the most, but that isn't always the case.

On a popular Reddit thread in the Am I the A**hole Subreddit, a woman gets upset with her nurse sister, who says awful things about the mothers she works with.

She writes:

My (26 F) sister (29F) and I had a huge argument the other day. My sister has worked as an L&D nurse for a few years. She has always wanted to be a nurse and even said it was her calling. Lately, she has been making horrible remarks about the mothers that come to her.

Now, I understand that every job will have problems, and sometimes you must vent about rude people, management, pay, etc. However, this was not like that. For example, she talked about one of her patients, called the 'white whale.' My sister said that the 'white whale' went into labor and brought her husband with her.

She talked about how 'hot' her husband was and how she could not understand how a 'whale' could pull someone like him. She laughed when recalling the sounds she made when pushing out her child and said, ' she didn't look like the type of woman to be strong enough to go the natural route.'

She has previously talked about how another mom-to-be defecated on the table, and she remarked that she wouldn't be surprised if her husband divorced her after seeing something 'so nasty.'

Other stories included a teenage patient who 'just couldn't keep her legs closed.' My sister claimed she gave her 'some sound advice,' I'm honestly scared to know what she said to this young girl. With this girl, my sister laughed about she gave her a 'nurse dose' of pain meds to get her to shut up and refused to give her a blanket since 'she wanted to act like an adult, then she deserves to be treated like one.'

The fight between her and I happened a few days ago because she talked about a mother who delivered a premature baby. She admitted to telling this mother she should have 'done a better job' if she didn't want to have a baby born at 29 weeks. I blew up at my sister and asked her how she could be so heartless.

My sister told me that she should have the right to vent about 'stupid mothers' who don't know how to do the thing their body is designed for. She also said that I don't work in healthcare, so I have no right to remark on how she handles stress at work. I told her that if her way of managing stress is to be a misogynist, she must find a different career.

My other family members have been divided on this issue. My husband is on my side. My mom and brother thought I was right to call my sister out, while my aunt, uncle, and dad leaned towards my sister, saying that my sister shouldn't have to kiss up her patients to do her job efficiently.

I feel bad for some of the things I said, and I know she needs to let off steam, but saying horrible things about women in their most vulnerable times isn't cutting it for me. In addition, my family does not know this yet, but I'm pregnant. And hearing about how my sister, a nurse, is treating pregnant women makes me scared for labor and delivery. So, AITA?

The internet hates a bad nurse.

_iamtinks says:

OMG, NTA (Not the A**hole), and you should report her to her accreditation body. She’s not 'just venting'. She’s recounting instances of her hideously inappropriate behavior. No one should be subjected to 'care' like that.

rosiecat220803 says:

Your sister sounds cruel and heartless, and I feel so bad for every patient who has ever dealt with her. Such a person deserves to be removed from this job because she’s probably doing a lot of psychological damage to people like that teenage girl you mentioned. Overall, the way she speaks to you about everything, she has no empathy or even human decency. NTA, but I would report her to her management if I were in your place.

Pelonek says:

NTA. Venting is one thing, but she's dehumanizing her patients. Her job is to care for people - that's not 'kissing up', as some of your family members put it. I would suggest reporting her if that's an option. She's unfit to work in healthcare.

OP, wishing you all the best during your pregnancy! I would probably avoid the hospital your sister works at!

Sources: Reddit
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