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Host threatens cancel Halloween party when guests can't follow 'one requirement.' AITA? UPDATED.

Host threatens cancel Halloween party when guests can't follow 'one requirement.' AITA? UPDATED.


"AITAH For Wanting to Cancel My Halloween Party?"

Every year I (23F) throw a Halloween party for a small group of friends to just come, hang out, and eat some food.

My ONLY requirement is that you dress up- it’s Halloween, it’s a costume party, it makes sense. I don’t even care what you dress up as or how lazy it is, just come in something. Come in PJs and dress as a “bed head” I don’t care, something simple, but matches with the theme of costume party.

Every year I throw this party and every year it seems to be a whole argument over people not wanting to dress up because they don’t have the money or it’s lame or they just don’t want to, etc.

I provide everything for these parties. Food, drink, candy, games, whatever else people may need. I don’t think I’m asking for much in return to just put on a shitty costume for a literal Halloween party.

This year has been the same, and our party is tomorrow and a couple of my friends already are saying they don’t want to dress up after I sent out a text saying if you don’t want to dress up just don’t bother coming- no biggie, but that’s your choice.

These friends are activated with me and said they guess they just won’t come then, and at this point, I think moving forward I’m just going to not hold the party and cancel it permanently.

Some of my friends think I’m the AH for saying you need to dress up for the Halloween party and other friends think I’m right given the type of party it is. So, AITAH?

Here's what the top commenters had to say about this one:

GetrIndia said:

NTA. Halloween party and no costumes is super lame. Hope you find better friends.

Beautiful_Camp2119 said:

Man your friends are boring. If you don't want to dress up don't go to a costume party!!! You can eat chips and get drunk in your normal clothes at any other event. NTA.

OkBalance2879 said:

NTA. IF you were demanding specific costumes that would cost money, I could understand people being pissed off. But you’re literally saying people can come in their PJs, if they want to. I don’t understand the issue.

Scared-Accountant288 said: sound so fun. Our friend JUST had a pokemon themed bday party and she requested everyone come dressed as a pokemon... but no onesies only homemade costumes!

My boyfriend and I got some blue shirts and painted round disposable metal cooking pans and we put strings on them to wear like a backpack and we wore sunglasses... homemade squirtle squad!!!

curiousity60 said:

NTA If they won't contribute to the vibe, they don't need to bring their wet blanket to your party.

OIWantKenobi said:

NTA. It’s the one time of year people can dress in costumes (unless you do fancy dress in the UK) and your friends are being sticks in the mud. You are literally paying for everything and hosting and telling them they can have super lazy and lame costumes and they’re still complaining. Cancel it for everyone and hang out with the few that want to dress up.


I have cancelled the party and moving forward I will only be really spending time with those who show an interest in our friendship. This goes way deeper than just wearing a costume, I think I’ve been ignoring for a while how little these “friends” care about me or the effort I put into this friendship, so I guess I need a new group of friends who actually care about having a solid friendship!

Everyone here was on OP's side. What's your advice for this Halloween host?

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