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Woman demands friend drive her everywhere, friend refuses, woman calls her a 'muppet.'

Woman demands friend drive her everywhere, friend refuses, woman calls her a 'muppet.'


A woman calls her friend a 'muppet' because they won't be their chauffeur anymore.

The friend Maleficent_Eagle7797 writes:

I may 100 percent be the a%#hole here. I have a friend who is 22, and she has her license but can not drive. She is terrified of driving. The driving videos of crashes and her parents being stressed when teaching her really messed her up.

She got her license and then never drove again. Anyway, she needs to drive everywhere. We are in the USA driving is pretty important. Usually, I am fine with picking her up and driving her, but I am so tired of it.

If we go out since I am the one driving, I can’t have a drink, I have to pay for more gas, I have to figure out the route, if she is late, well, I'm late, my complaints go on and on.

She was complaining to me about not going anywhere, I reminded her she had a car she could use and that she did have a license. I heard her tired excuse of how it’s so dangerous, and I told her it was getting old.

I said I couldn’t be driving you everywhere. At this point, it is pathetic, and she needs to get over it. She hasn’t talked to me since.

OP provided an update:

I sent a text apologizing for my outburst but also outlined that I was not driving her anymore. I explained my frustration and her not showing courtesy by never paying for gas or making me late to activities because she was late.

Never mind, I don’t feel bad anymore. She texted me back and told me I was f%#king up her social life since she can’t afford to Uber everywhere and a lot of creative curses, first time I was called a muppet (I didn’t understand that insult).

Here are some of the best comments:

Ok-Context1168 says:

NTA (Not the A%#hole). I think it's funny that she said she can't drive because it's dangerous, but it's not dangerous when you drive her everywhere. Make that make sense. I have heard that people can be anxious or scared of driving, and therapy helps, or she needs to consider Uber and public transport.

Mean_Suit_9222 says:

NTA. She needed to hear that. She needs to get over it or accept she'll stay home. If it's dangerous for her to drive, it's also dangerous for her to be driven. She's not entitled to be driven around.

YouthNAsia63 says:

You aren’t your friend's driver. A professional gets paid. She can drive her car or call a taxi or Uber or move to a town where there is public transport or call somebody else to haul her around. NTA for feeling taken advantage of. It’s ok to say 'no.'

Do we think OP should be driving her friend around or is she justified in making her friend kick rocks and uber around?

Sources: Reddit
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