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Woman who doesn't eat eggs 'ruins' them for husband, 'he does like ketchup.' AITA?

Woman who doesn't eat eggs 'ruins' them for husband, 'he does like ketchup.' AITA?


"I told my husband he doesn’t like eggs and ruined them for him..."

I can’t believe I have to ask this but here goes my (50F) husband (51M) and I have been together for 18 years, and my husband would have eggs for breakfast every weekend. I noticed that he never ate his eggs without something on them usually ketchup (rarely salsa).

Two or three years ago I told him that I didn’t think he actually liked eggs but was just used to eating them, we laughed about it and that was it, so I thought. On to this evening I decided that I wanted to make breakfast for dinner (we do that a couple times a month) and I asked what he wanted to go with the sausage eggs, French toast or pancakes.

He said French toast as I had ruined eggs for him I asked him what he meant and he said that I had told him that he didn’t like eggs and it’s true he really doesn’t. I guess he, at some point after I told him that tried an experiment where he was just randomly eat a plain piece of egg.

He realized that he actually doesn’t like eggs (but does like ketchup), he said it's my fault because I made him aware of the fact that he doesn’t like them. So AITAH because I made my husband realize that he doesn’t like eggs?


Where he didn’t seem angry per say but he was definitely ruffled cause he said that when he has eggs now instead of thinking he has eggs with ketchup, now the thought is I’m having ketchup with eggs.

No he won’t eat any form of egg alone (French toast must have syrup, poached eggs must have hollandaise etc) And tbh it’s not the only food he doesn’t like and often forgets (Swiss cheese is another)

Here's what top commenters had to say about this one:

Ok-Stable-8348 said:

NTA. Not your fault it took him 50 years to realize that if you douse things in ketchup, they'll always taste like...ketchup.

RivaAldur said:

NTA. I hate eggs. Fried, boiled, scrambled, poached, French toast etc. Still hate them. I still occasionally eat a boiled egg for the nutritional benefits and I eat them with an additional food to distract myself like potato waffles. If you actually ruined eggs for him why would he eat French toast? Isn't that just egg bread?

usernamennui1 said:

NTA this is really funny! Imagine eating eggs for so long and not noticing.

Medium-Ad6131 said:

But French toast is made with eggs? NTA, this is a bit silly.

incognito-not-me said:

NTA, and it sounds like this is not much of a problem. I don't like eggs by themselves either, so I make an omelet or a ham and cheese scramble or something else; it's no big deal. You pointed out something he probably sort of already knew but wasn't really thinking much about.

wholesomebutter said:

NTA he acts like a child. That’s insane for a grown man in his 50s.

AgoraiosBum said:

NTA, but its fine to put seasoning on food. I wouldn't want a plain egg either. I'm gonna cook that egg in some butter and put some seasoning and hot sauce on it. Or make a nice french omelette. He just doesn't like poorly cooked eggs. Nothing wrong with disliking bland food.

Everyone was on OP's side for this one. What's your advice for this couple?

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