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Maid of honor asks if she was wrong to skip wedding after bride calls her 'cheap'.

Maid of honor asks if she was wrong to skip wedding after bride calls her 'cheap'.


On a popular Reddit thread in the Am I The A**hole Subreddit, users discuss if one woman is an a**hole for not going to her best friend's wedding after she was told she shouldn't be maid of honor.

AITA for not going to my best friend's wedding after she said I won’t be her made of honor

Being part of a bridal party is both an honor and an expense.

My best friend asked me to be her maid of honor, and I said yes.

I put aside a good chunk of money, so I could pay about $3000, to be exact. I was hoping I didn't have to spend this much, but I did it to be safe.

I've put out a lot of money for this wedding. I'm currently in a tough spot with cash; I try to make this clear with her but to no avail

Weddings are traditionally this way.

So to tell you what, I spent money on wedding attire, shoes, jewelry, accessories, bridal shower, a.k.a. decorations, games, food, etc. had to pay to go to her wedding itself. I again pitched in with her bachelorette party, decorations, food, etc.

I even spent the money on a hotel, and I had to spend money on hair and make-up for the wedding, which was 250 per hour because of the person she chose. OVER BUDGET.

Your friend has refined taste.

Well, we got closer and closer to the date, and we picked out bridesmaid dresses.

Anyways we finally found the dress that she picked. I have no problem with the dress itself, it was beautiful. I loved it, but I wouldn't say I liked the price. An average bridesmaid dress costs $150-$200. These were $450 each.'

Wait, are you buying everyone their dress?

There were six bridesmaids, I'm sorry, that would equal 2,700 dollars, that is a huge hell no I've already spent more than I wanted to, and I reminded her that she would have to start paying for these things because I'm reaching my limit.

Your mother should just charge higher prices to seem more bougie.

My mother can make these herself for a much lower price; she’s good at it, so I offered that, but it wasn’t good enough. She (in my opinion) tried to gaslight me, saying that she wanted to get them from here, she didn’t want to risk anything happening.

OP is putting her foot down.

I said that I wouldn’t be paying for this at all. I'm already a thousand dollars over my budget, so that I won’t be paying for anything else.

She got upset, saying that I agreed to this wedding, I knew it would be expensive, and as a maid of honor, it is my job to do this for her, and I haven’t even spent a quarter of what she’s spent on this wedding, I said yeah because it is not my wedding.

I feel like she isn't really your best friend.

She started getting upset and raising her voice at me, saying that I needed to stop trying to force my “CHEAP lifestyle down her throat” she ended it by saying I shouldn’t be made of honor

Well, Internet, was OP on the right side of wedding history?

To which I said I shouldn’t be there at all since she feels so entitled to me and my money and left; I got loads of calls and messages from everyone cussing me out, but my flight was paid for, so I still went there, just not to the wedding and got a different hotel, and BOY people are so mad at me that I have no one on my side here

but everyone and their mother is on my a** right now, so AITA

bdlock209 says:

wait... what?


chicagovkk says:

I don’t know where you live and the wedding traditions but overall it seems like you are paying for a lot more than you should be as MOH. I’ve never heard of the MOH paying for all the bridesmaid dresses. I’ve heard of the individual bridesmaids paying for their dresses or the bride. I’ve also heard the same about hair and makeup.

It seems to me that the bride is taking advantage of you and wants you to it for things that are traditionally the bridal couple’s responsibility.

taytek says:

F*ck no NTA (Not the A**hole) She sounds like an entitled leach, and you even offered for your mom to make them for her.


Tell your best friend that the internet disapproves of her wedding habits! Shame!

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