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Woman gets epic revenge on woman who tries to 'steal' her baby. AITA? 3 INSANE UPDATES

Woman gets epic revenge on woman who tries to 'steal' her baby. AITA? 3 INSANE UPDATES


When this woman provides details about a woman trying to steal her baby, she asks the internet:

"I got revenge on the woman who tried to steal my baby. AITA?"

This happened when my daughter was about 4 months. Lets meet the wonderful and not so wonderful cast.

Me- Me; BB- Daughter; EM- Entitled mom beast; EB-Entitled mom beasts spawn (5 ish?); Setting: Local Coffee Shop

One afternoon after our mommy and me Yoga class (I know sounds dumb, but a great way to meet mommy friends), Me and BB decided to get a coffee and catch up.

Well I would get coffee, she would get that sweet sweet booby milk. Well BB, lightweight that she is, passes out after that boob milk. I decide to be wild and get that second cup of coffee. Im drinking my second cup of coffee when a wild EK and EM appear.

EK: AWWWWW a babayy.

I smile but go back to reading the news and sipping my coffee. When I look up EK is trying to pick up my sleeping baby!!! I Panicked, obviously.

Me: yelling No no no no; EM: oh she wasnt hurting her.; EK: whining I want to hold the babbaaayyyy; Me: Shes Sleeping, and your too little to hold her honey, shes heavy; EM: oh just let her hold her. EK is very mature.; Me: Shes not a baby doll. No; EM: You dont have to be a b*tch.; Me: Excuse me?!?!

During this time EK tried to pick up BB and woke her up. So BB starts crying. I pick her up and start hushing her. Me: now see what you did? Leave us alone.EM: She just wants my daughter to hold her tries to grab BB Me: WTF get awf turns to keep BB away; BB: Cries; EM: Just let her hold her (Keeps trying to steal baby);Me: Help (open hand punches her in the nose)

At this point the coffee shop employees jump in, and pull her away. One of them says that they called the police. EMs nose is bleeding. EK is sobbing. I kinda feel bad for the kid, shes pretty little, but her mom should teach her better. The employees "ask" us to stay and wait for police

EM: good, she assauuulted me and traumatized my child; BB is still crying so I give her that boob.; EM: SHEESSS EXPOSSING HERSELF TO A CHILD! PEDOPHILE!!; I ignore her, and BB finally calms down. The Police came. and asked us each what happen.

EM: She EXPOSED HerSeLf to my daughter, and ASsaulted ME! Me: Scared that I'm going to jail That isn't true, she tried to steal my baby. I just was protecting her.

Luckily the coffee place had cameras, She got arrested for attempted kidnapping. I have to go to court for it next month.

Before we give you OP's three big updates, let's take a look at some of the top responses:

shadows7 writes:

What is wrong with people. Like, seriously, what the hell? That reminds me of an old friend, so just to share:

I knew a person, a mother that had that happen to her toddler (I think she was a year-old). A strange woman just walked right over and picked her daughter right up and out of the shopping cart one trip...

and the mother came rushing right over and told her, "What the hell are you doing?! Let go of my kid!", and the woman, like in your post, was oblivious to how screwed up it is to touch someone else's child, and said, "Oh, I just wanted to hold her; she's so cute!". She told me she was about to whoop her one, but let it slide and left.

Anyhow, that's screwed up and hope you win, cause nobody should be handling your child (without permission), but you. Like, common sense, right, but some people just don't get it?

capnbabygir7 writes:

I’m so sorry this happened to you and that she’s suing you. I don’t know if this will make you feel better but I hope it does, I think you handled the situation wonderfully and maturely. I would’ve done the same thing.

And if I had been there I would’ve been right up in that bitches face telling her that she has no right to call you a bitch and that you are being a wonderful parent and that she has no right to tell you what to do with your baby.

I would tell her that she needs to teach her daughter not to touch someone else’s baby unless they have permission and that she needs to teach her that no means no. I would’ve defended you momma bear!

I don’t have children of my own but I love kids and even though I don’t have children I have mother instincts and I even have momma bear inside that will come out when someone I love or care about is being harassed or bullied, she comes out when complete strangers are being harassed too.

I made a promise to myself and God that if someone ever looked like they needed some help I would step in and help them, if I had been there and it looked like you needed help I would’ve stepped in. I would’ve alerted the employees and come over to be your backup (if you needed backup).

Now this next part won’t make you happy but I want to explain one of the reasons why I made that promise. I had a very scary experience with a homeless man several years ago and I looked to my right to see another man who wasn’t homeless WATCHING this homeless guy harass me I put a look on my face that CLEARLY screamed PLEASE HELP ME!

I looked the guy directly in the eyes and he was LAUGHING! He stood there and did nothing. Nobody came to my defense. This homeless guy basically had me trapped, I had my 90 pound electric scooter and I couldn’t back it up without focusing 100% on what I was doing as it’s very difficult to back it up...

I have to concentrate on it and use all my strength. It’s easier to push it forward than it is to push it backward. After a few minutes the homeless guy FINALLY left and I immediately called my mom.

This guy was very scary and wouldn’t leave so I had to stand there until the mostly one sided conversation ended. The guy wanted money from me but I didn’t give him any, I was traumatized and I was in no shape to ride my scooter home so I called my mom and we got my scooter into the trunk and when we got into the car I just broke down in tears.

Through tears I told my mom all about my encounter. We called the police and told them that I had been harassed by a homeless man begging for money walking around the parking lot(I was at a store that’s similar to CVS and Walgreens) with a mountain bike and we(well my mom called and she told them everything)

we’re witnessing him talking to a lady who was sitting in her car with her door wide open and he was right in the doorway blocking her in and he was asking for money and she was doing something in her car. I was very concerned about the woman.

As we left the parking lot I saw the homeless guy walking away with his mountain bike, I don’t know if the woman gave him money or not. I hope the woman is okay. I am glad my mom called the cops. This scary experience is one of the reasons why I made that promise.

And now, OP's first update:

We go to court on April 14th for the criminal charges against EM for attempted kidnapping. I didnt expect to update before then, but then this happened.

Me: its-a-me. DG: deliveryman/ disguised guy EM: entitled mom EK: entitled kid.

Me and BB went to the park this morning, we got back around 11 am. There was a man standing on our porch, looking lost. BB was in her stroller sleeping, i put my hand in my purse, and onto my mace.

Me: Can I help you? DG: I'm looking for a [first name] [last name]. I have a package for her. he pulls out an thick envelope, it was Cardi B level thicccc

Me: Im her, I can take it. takes the Cardi B envelope. As soon as it is in my hands, and i sign for it, DG rips off his fake mustache and delivery guy hat. Revealing his REAL identity- a legal intern

DG: cool cool cool. Your being sued by the way... good luck.

Yup thats right, I'm being sued by EM. Why would the woman who tried to snatch my baby be suing me? How much damage could I have inflicted? Well... apparently I did 25 thousand USD in damage.

In this poor envelope was about 10 million pages detailing how she is suing me for everything that is wrong in her life. Apparently I had broken her nose so shes suing me for not only related medical bills, but she also wants me to pay for them to fix her pre existing toad nose.

Oh and of course "emotional" damages to her and her child. Apparently EM has anxiety and depression because of ME. EK has PTSD from the indecent. Finally I'm also being sued for "slander and character assassination" because how dare I say she tried to steal my baby... Ofcourse at the end she said she would be "willing to settle out of court if I would drop the criminal charges"

Well I took that letter to my lawyer and he said the judge would laugh her out of court, especially if the criminal trial goes in our favor, which is basically guaranteed. So I WILL be seeing her in court on April 14th, and I will see her again in July for the civil case!

OP's second update:

Firstly, thanks everyone for the support and love. I can't wait to tell BB about all of this when she gets older. Wednesday we found out the verdict on EM. TLDR at end. So lets meet the cast:

J: Judge; EM: entitled mom; ED: Entitled Dad; EK: Entitled Kid; Jury: the Jury; P: ProsecutorEL: EMs lawyer; Me: me; Mr: My darling husband

Scene: This chapter opens April 15, 2019, Approximately 9:30 am. We are at our local court house.

Me and Mr had dropped of bb at his mothers. I had considered bringing her and breast feeding while EM was on the stand, just to irritate her, But I didn't think a 8 month old would be able to sit quietly for that long. Instead I brought my 384 month old husband.

We went to the courthouse, and I will admit I was nervous. We took our seats behind the prosecutor, and we were chatting with her. EM enters with the her lawyer, and if looks could kill, I would be dead.

The judge and jury enter, and we are ready to get started. As we are getting started the judge is interrupted by ED and EK entering the courtroom, in possibly the nosiest way to enter a room. Disclaimer: these were 3 very long, very stressful days, so I will be paraphrasing a lot.

J: EM you are charged with attempted kidnapping, first degree assault, disturbing the peace, and disorderly conduct. how do you plead?

EM: Your honor, I am one hundreeeddd percent innocent, In fact I am outraged that i stand accused of wrong doing. I am a proud american and the biggest supporter of these proud, fair and just...

J: looking already done with her shit Please sit down; EM: shocked B-But; J: now; EM: sits; J: We will now proceed to opening statements, Prosecutor?; P: lays out the case. Succinctly explaining that EM was a dangerous woman, who attempted to rip a small baby from its mothers arms.

EM: screaming No NO no ThAt iSnT TRuE; J: EL tell EM to be quiet, P continue; P: there is clear, indisputable evidence that EM is guilty on all counts....

The Prosecutor wraps up his opening statement in under about 5 minutes, explaining that the whole situation was caught on tape, and that the evidence will speak for itself.

The defenses opening statement was about 40 minutes long. He gave this creatures whole life story. She couldn't possibly be guilty! She was your typical suburban soccer mom, president of her HOA, active in her church.

BLAH BLAH BLAH. Apparently because the statements established character they weren't off topic enough to make the judge tell EL to shut up and sit down. EL talked so long that after they concluded, the judge dismissed us for the day.

We come back the second day, and before the trial start my husband goes and grabs us a cup of pure caffeine from a booth in the courthouse. He's putting his creme and sugar in it, when ED approaches.

ED: hey man, how are you doing?; Mr: Fine...; ED: This whole mess is crazy; Mr: Yup...; ED: look man, what will happen to my daughter if her mom goes to jail. Its not good for a kid.; Mr: Yeah thats rough, Sorry; ED: well you could tell your wife to drop the charges, you know, do whats best for the kids.

Mr: yeah, I'm not gonna do that.; ED: c'mon man be reasonable; Mr: If your wife was reasonable, we wouldn't even be here.; ED: f you n****er; Mr: get out of here man walks away.

the second day of court starts. Prosecution lays out the evidence, including the tape, calls witnesses, and all that prosecution stuff. When the prosecution calls witnesses the the defense also gets to ask them questions.

They were trying to cast doubt on all of the witnesses, i guess to make it seem like it was all a witch hunt against entitled mom. Finally it was my turn to testify, and be questioned. I told my story for the prosecution, then this foolishness ensued...

EL: It seems like you were the first to raise your voice, would you say that is accurate?; Me: I suppose so; EL: So that would make you the instigator; Me: I dont thin-; EL: cuts me off You claim that EM assaulted you; Me: Yes; EL: Did EM strike you at any point during this altercation?

Me: well not exactly "strike"; EL: did you strike EM at any point?; Me: Yes,but it was to-; EL: the jury will notice that this woman has admitted to not only being the instigator, but also the aggressor in this situation.

After the prosecution lays out their evidence, it is the defenses turn. It is at this point EM takes the stand. EM tells her twisted version of events.

According to her, her daughter had seen my baby and had approached me to tell me how beautiful BB was. In response to this totally innocent interaction, I began verbally abusing EK.

She attempted to calm me, but this back fired. When I violently snatched up BB, she couldn't help but notice that it was "very unlikely" that BB was mine. Seeing an unstable woman, snatching up an innocent, probably kidnapped BB, EM just had to intervene. When she did I viciously attacked her.

So day three is verdict and sentencing. On the charge of attempted kidnapping, the jury decided that there was not enough evidence to conclude that she wanted to kidnap BB - not guilty.

On the charge of assault, the jury was not convinced by her lawyers attempts to demonize me- Guilty. Disturbing the peace, and disorderly conduct, the tapes and witnesses lead to a guilty verdict.

Now we get to the part you all have been waiting for SENTENCING! EM was sentenced to 18 months of probation, 40 hours of community service, 30 hours of anger management, and $730 in fines.

This all goes on her criminal record and if she violates her probation, or does not do what is required, she will spend those 18 months in prison. While I know many of us were hoping for jail time, I am satisfied with this outcome, and I think it is fair. We left feeling pretty good, we have to go back to court in a few months for the civil case.

OP's 3rd update:

Previously on how did my life become so bat-sh*t INSANE (yes this is an update): i took my infant daughter out for our weekly coffee date, while there an EM with her daughter appeared, and tried to grab my baby.

She left with a broken nose and some criminal charges. I left with BB (my daughter) and a ridiculous lawsuit. Me and my husband go to her criminal court trial and her husband says some racist BS to my husband. Shes is found not guilty on most of her charges, and is sentenced to probation and some therapy.

Episode whatever in this melodrama (this is the new stuff): The civil case was supposed to be on July 9th, but the case was dropped. I was so happy!

After months of this crap, I was ready to put all of this behind me and move on with our lives. I don't know why I was so naive. I should have known that a crazy EM like that would not give up so easily.

One Evening on my way back from our mommy and me Yoga class, I noticed a woman parked across the street from my house. I thought it was EM but I brushed it off, thinking that I was paranoid because all of this started after one if our classes. I took BB inside and got her settled.

When I looked out the window, the car was gone. I went about my business, until Saturday. The weather on this particular Saturday morning was gorgeous, So i decided to take BB to the park. It was still early, about 9 am.

That car was parked on my street again, but this time it was empty. We walked to the park, and were there for about 30 mins before I noticed the same car, again empty.

I know it was the same car because of the hideous seat covers (pink leopard print). I was a little on edge, so i gathered up BB and started to leave. Then I seen her, she was about 15 feet away from us, and it was definitely EM. EM was there but her daughter was no where in sight.

I was starting to worry that she had moved on to my street. When I got home, it was empty, which is normal, because my husband likes to go to the gym a little later on Saturday. I got BB a snack, and called my neighbor/ friend. I asked her if she knows if anyone moved on to the street lately.

She didn't think anyone did. Neither of us had noticed any sign of a move in either, not that we pay especially close attention. I told her about seeing EM, we both decided that it was probably a coincidence. We chatted for a little while, until it was time for BBs nap.

As soon as I finished putting her down, and went down the stairs, my husband came in. It calmed my nerves to see him. Atleast until we had this conversation. Husband: Were you expecting someone this morning? Me: No, why? H: I thought I heard someone knocking on the door this morning, but by the time i got downstairs, they were already gone.

Right away I was on edge. I thought about that empty car. Even if it wasnt EM, why would someone just knock and leave like that? I told my husband about seeing EM, and decided that it could be a coincidence, or it might not, so we will keep an eye out and the police on speed dial.

Every thing was normal for a few days, but then I seen the car again. This continued for about a week to two weeks. I would see the car, and then it would be back a few days later. It would be at different times, and places.

I began to feel paranoid, like I was being watched all the time. One day I tried to confront her, but she drove away. At the two week mark, I decided that I had had enough and would go to the police station the next morning.

And that is exactly what I did. The police handled everything just like I thought they would. By that I mean that they treated me like a crazy person and told me that a car being on a public street is not a crime, and since no threats had been made there was not much that they could (or would) do. It was a great waste of time for everyone.

About two days later I was leaving for work when I noticed that all 4 of my tires had been slashed.

The next weekend I was working in the garden while BB played next to me. I noticed a little blue green pellet that I immediately recognized. It was Rat Poison. I was outraged that the city would just throw poison into people's lawns.

What if BB would have eaten it, I also have a cat who could die if they ate a poisoned rat. (luckily hes an indoor cat) I was bitching to my neighbor, ready to turn into a Karen myself, when he told me two things that turned my stomach and left me gagging.

1. No one else has, or has ever found Rat poison pellets in their yard. 2. When the city does rat control, they only but poison in the rat burrows. I wouldn't have them just randomly in the yard. I was horrified.

My daughter could have eaten one of those. I called the police non emergency line, and told them what was happening, and again I was dismissed. My daughter could have died and they acted like NBD. I was told they would "look into it" and that was that.

Im just going to list some of the things that happened over the next few weeks: My garden was torn up,by a person, who literally just ripped up handfuls of flowers. I saw that car 15 times.

"Someone" set up an automatic "wakeup call" for my phone at 3 am. Once i figured out how to get the Auto calls to stop someone would call me and hang up, up to 3 times a day. I would block the number and a new number would call.

We went away for a few days, while we were gone I received a photo text from outside of my house with the message "see you soon". I immediately rushed us home, and when we got there," someone" had thrown a rock through my window.

This was the last straw for me, i rushed into momma bear mode. I took my daughter to my mother's, and my husband went to the store and picked up some security cameras.

We called the police, took photos, and looked for our cat (he was hiding under our porch). My husband set up the cameras, and I filed for a emergency protection order. In my state when you file for one of those they go into effect immediately, and there is a hearing later to determine if it will be permanent and all that.

Things calmed down for a few days, and I brought BB home. I thought maybe the order would keep EM away, because if she broke it, she would violate her parole, and spend time in jail.

AGAIN I underestimated crazy. Im gonna put a TRIGGER WARNING for the rest of this paragraph, because this is so f d up, so just be warned. If you arent ready, skip to the next paragraph. One evening I came home from work and picking up BB, and I walked up to the door.

One my porch there is a black, mostly empty garbage bag. BB was still sleeping from the car ride, so i put her inside the house, and came back out. I thought it may have been my husband, being careless. I thought it could have been trash, or dirty gym clothes, or something that he was going to donate, or whatever. So I looked inside.

Before any conscious thought registered, I was gagging from the smell of decomposition. Inside that bag was a dismembered cat. It was warm, possibly from the summer heat. I immediately panicked. I went back inside, crying, calling and searching for our cat.

In my emotional state I had woken BB and she was screaming and crying too. Our cat was up in our bedroom, taking a nap, and very much alive. I was so overwhelmed by emotions.

I was happy that our cat was ok, but that didn't stop the panic attack that followed. I called my husband, hyperventilating as our BB continued to cry, and told him to get home, NOW. Luckily he was already on the way.

My husband called the police on his way home, and they arrived soon after he did. They took photos and watched the security camera footage. The cameras clearly showed EM leaving the bag on my porch. We gave the police the footage, and the bag. I took BB to my moms again, I was going to stay too, but I had to clean up my house.

The bag leaked on the porch, and in my panic i tracked it through the house. Me and husband returned home, cleaned up. I also had to have another melt down. We stayed at my moms overnight. In the morning I had a meeting with the police so my Mom stayed with BB, and Husband went to work.

The police took my statement, and let me know that they were already working with a judge, and expected to pick up EM by tonight or tomorrow. I was just ready for this all to be over, I felt powerless.

While I was in the meeting, my mother texted me to pick up some teething gel for BB, and some toys. So I stopped by the house. I grabbed an extra change of clothes for everyone, and the stuff for BB.

While Im in BBs room I look out the window, it faces the back yard, I see EM in out shed, rummaging around. I flew into an immediate rage, and was already half way down the stairs before i stopped myself.

I went back into BBs room and called the police. I told them that someone was breaking in. While i was on the phone EM walked up and tried to open my backdoor. It was locked so idk what she thought turning the handle would do. I crept downstairs. I went into my kitchen.

I looked out the window and EM was walking towards my back door again. So i moved over and stood against the wall and the back door. I thought she was going to try the door again, but instead she broke my window. Instinctively, i grabbed the closest thing off the counter.

She looked into the door, and I hit her with it. She fell back and her nose was bleeding again. Apparently I hit her with a dirty baking tray. She got up and i raised the tray again, but she started to run the other way, around to the front of the house.

Just as she made it to the front yard the police were getting out of their cars. I opened the front door, tray in hand, just in time to hear this:

EM: Thank god you got here in time, some one broke into my home and attacked me. Get in there and shoot her. There she is now, and shes armed! SHOOooT her!!!

When she screams and pointed at me the cop immediately pulled his gun at me. I immediately dropped the tray and freeze up, I really thought he was going to shoot me. The cop lowers his gun. Another Squad car pulls up and two more officers start getting out of the car. There are a total of 4 cops in my yard, and I'm still frozen.

EM: wHaT ARe yOu dOIng? sHOoOt HeR!!; Cop 1:Ma'am I need you to calm down. Another cop walks up and goes to (grab?) My arm. I pull away on reflex.; Me: This is my house.; EM: Shes lying. Look at me, she clearly attacked me.; Me : because you broke my window and were coming in! EM: HoW DaRE YoU, I hAVe liVed Here for YeArs!!

Me: You lying b&ch.

I must have moved towards her because the cop next to me grabs me by the arm. Ill be honest, i wasn't thinking really clear.; Me: let me go, this is my house!; EM: (starts crying) See SHes Crazy, thank god you came when you did. Cop 1: its ok, ma'am, follow me to the squad car so I can take your statement.

Two cops go with her to the car, and two stand with me on the porch. Im shocked, and freaking out, but I start to think clearly again. Me:This is my house. Cop 2: Ok? Me: I can prove it (finally not being an idiot) Cop 2: Ok? Me: My purse is inside by the stairs, my license is in there.

Cop 2 nods at cop 3, and cop 3 goed inside and comes back out with my purse. She goes through it and pulls out my license. Cop 2 and 3 nod at each other. Cop 3 walks down into the yard, and waves cop 4 over. They talk for a moment and cop 4 goes back over to 1 and Em, 3 returns over to me.

Cop 3: were sorry miss, cop 4 pulled up the police report from yesterday, I'm sorry about the stress, at least she was caught in the act [blah blah blah]

While cop 3 was talking to me, cop 4 was talking to EM I'm not sure what was said, but EM turned even paler than she is, and tried to run away. She didn't get far, and ended up eating pavement.

A few minutes later I was giving ANOTHER statement, and EM was glaring at me as she was driven away. After I gave my statement, and the cops took a few photos, the cops left. I called my husband home again.

He stayed and cleaned up, and had to board up our window. We stayed at my moms for another 2 days. We didn't go home until we found out EM was denied bail.

In the end she was found to have violated her parole, so she must spend the rest of her sentence in jail. They also added a stalking charge, animal cruelty, and breaking and Entering. I expect that she will be in Jail for a few years at least. I really hope that this is my last update. I am also really grateful that so many people showed concern after my last post.

This post is an update for a previous post. EM tried to grab my baby, went to court, got probation. She also tried (and failed) to sue me. After all this she proceeded to stalk and terrorize me and my family for several weeks, and will likely spend several years in jail.

What do YOU make of this story? Any advice for OP?

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