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Wife forces 'incompetent' husband to sleep on floor after he makes her travel with PPD. AITA?

Wife forces 'incompetent' husband to sleep on floor after he makes her travel with PPD. AITA?


Woman makes husband sleep on the floor for being willfully incompetent.

Low_Needleworker_467 writes:

My husband convinced me to go see his parents for a week in another state. I had two reasons for not wanting to. Firstly, I just had a baby 1.5 months ago, I have postpartum depression (PPD), and I'm really still not up to par.

I don't want to be around anyone, especially his mom, because I find it exhausting. Secondly, they have an unruly Rottweiler that they have zero control over. He's not aggressive, but he's destructive, jumps on people, and barks excessively.

So, I didn't want to go at all, but he assured me that we would be staying in a hotel and all would be well. There are only two hotels within a 1.5hr radius (deep wooded area in Maine), and I reminded him/asked him several times if he booked the hotel. He said he was handling everything and to stop worrying so much.

Anyways, we got to Maine last night, and lo and behold, the hotel closed its office doors at 8 pm (it's a bed and breakfast, and the owners live in the house, and it's advertised as "all doors closed by 8 pm" right on their website, which I didn't know). We didn't get there until 10 because he was catching up with his family.

We end up back at his parents' house, and they give us the guest room. I brought the baby's bassinet, so I set that up, and we go to bed. Well, the next morning, their unruly dog came in and pissed all over the bassinet. Luckily, my baby was not on it. So, I'm upset and tell my husband to bring me to the hotel because I'm two seconds from losing my cool (I told him to shut the door when he came out, and he didn't do it; it's his fault).

Well, he drives me to the hotel, and lo and behold, he didn't book in advance, so there's no vacancy. He said he "assumed" there would be openings because of how backwoods it is. So, I call the only other hotel (1.5 hrs away), and nope, they're booked too. I told him I just want to go home at this point, but he refuses and says we can just stay at his parents.

I told him, "fine, but you're sleeping on the floor the entire time." I told him I won't be putting our baby in that bassinet, considering we can't clean it without a rug cleaner of sorts, which his parents don't have. And I told him he's not sleeping in the bed with me and the baby because the bed is a double, and I don't trust that one of us won't roll over on the baby, and therefore, she needs her own side of the bed.

Since he's the reason we are in this position, he will be the one making the sacrifice and sleeping on the floor. He tried arguing before going to bed tonight that he should be able to sleep on the bed too and that I should just sleep with the baby in my arms, like I do when we have contact naps during the day.

I told him that wasn't happening. One-hour naps are much different than a full night's sleep, and I don't trust myself for that long to sleep with her in my arms, especially not being this exhausted.

Before going to sleep, he said I was being a "freaking jerk" and apparently "punishing him" for wanting to see his family and accusing me of trying to sabotage his trip.

Here are the top comments from the post:

joojie says:

Traveling out of state with a 6 week old infant of a mother with PPD who isn't up to it is the part where he became the a#%hole. The rest is just bonus a%#holery.

Kathykat5959 says:

I would take the baby and get in the car and go home.

Significant_Cat_3 says:

NTA (Not the A%#hole). In all honesty I have a suspicion that he purposefully didn’t call ahead of time to ensure you guys had a hotel room in order to force you to stay at his parents.

mtngrl60 says:

NTA. Your husband’s a dick. I don’t think any of this was accidental. I think he just figured it was NBD. If you said it somewhere that you could actually rest and not have a dog peel over the bassinet or not. Because it’s not his bed. He gets what he wants. Which is a visit that you really didn’t want to go on anyway.

This entire visit was all about him. Him. Him. Him. I’m just going to suggest that the next time you don’t want to do something you just tell him no, and if he keeps nagging at you, tell him to f%^k right off and go stay with mommy.

You are literally an adult, and you do not have to do something you don’t wanna do. And for him to even think you could just throw sheets on a bassinet and put your baby to bed there is crazy.

Next time, tell him to f@$k off and go do what he wants because you’re not going to. This is just so much bullsh%t.

What do you think? Was OP right to maker her husband sleep on the floor?

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