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Teen nanny gets neighbor/client banned by all local babysitters after all-inclusive trip. AITA?

Teen nanny gets neighbor/client banned by all local babysitters after all-inclusive trip. AITA?


"AITA for getting my neighbor and client banned by all the local babysitters after they tried to renege on a deal?"

Over the holidays I (F17) got a chance to go to the Caribbean with my neighbors as their nanny. My parents weren't thrilled but it was after Christmas so they let me go. The deal was pretty simple. It was ten days at an all inclusive resort. I would share a room with the kids and take care of them for seven days and nights. In return I got $500 and three days to myself. The rooms were adjoining.

My parents insisted I get everything in writing so there were no mistakes. Basically we agreed that I would work two days and take one day off. Over and over. No problem I thought and I checked out the included activities and any excursions I might like. On my third day off I had planned to go scuba diving. I got up early and went on my excursion.

When I got back the parents were mad that I had left without warning. I reminded them that we had a deal and they said that they had met another couple there and were going golfing and that I screwed up their plans. I don't know why they made plans on one of my free days.

They were upset all the way home. When we got back they posted about how irresponsible I was. One of the other families called me to get my side of the story. I sent them a picture of the deal we agreed on. They said they knew I wouldn't do what I was being accused of. Then they started commenting on the posts by my neighbors. My parents did this also. But I think everyone thought they were just protecting me.

So now it's a big deal and everyone knows that they tried to change our deal without talking to me. Some of the other babysitters, or their parents, are now saying that they won't babysit for my neighbors any more.

I feel bad about it because they paid a lot for my vacation. And if they had asked I probably would have switched my excursion to the last day. Anyway they are upset that I narced, which I didn't. They said that I could have talked to them if I had a problem. But I'm not the one who made it public.

Here's what top commenters had to say about this one:

Doktor_Seagull said:

NTA. You made an agreement IN WRITING which they insisted on. They wanted to renegotiate the terms of your agreement, so it's down to them to discuss that with you at an appropriate time (not on the day they wanted to switch). Even then you would still have been completely within your rights to decline their request as per the original agreement. You did nothing wrong, you stuck to what was agreed.

They then decided to defame you on social media over this. There is literally no other reason for them to make their "annoyance" public other than to shame YOU. Fortunately for you it backfired on them and now as a consequence of their SECOND mistake they have gotten themselves blacklisted by other sitters. Do not feel bad for them. "You reap what you sow" and they certainly have. This is not your responsibility in the slightest. I just hope you got your $500.

MuddyWaters97 said:

NTA. You and the parents had a deal IN WRITING stating that you would have a set three days off of the time you were there and like you said, they could have simply asked you to move one of your free days if it was that big a deal.

It baffles me how they’re trying to say you’re the bad guy essentially when you never started anything nor did you make it public originally. Hopefully the parents come to their senses and realize that it wasn’t that big a deal and if they’re that rich they can easily meet with their golf buddies anytime lol.

No_Lavishness_3206 said:

NTA. Seven days of babysitting costs more than $500. Those three days off were the rest of your payment.

Faster_Furiosa said:

It is the posting about you- a teenager, by adults who have a contract - for me. NTA. They should be happy you didn't sue them for libel for trying to ruin your business. They got away cheap. Good for you to have a contract, sorry that you had to learn this so young. And it helps the other babysitters as well.

kurokomainu said:

NTA They didn't think both times. They didn't think to ask you to change your day off (or assumed they could just take it from you). They didn't think when they posted about you, as if the truth would never catch up to them.

They deserve the bad reputation they got. They can't be trusted to keep their end of the deals they make and will casually badmouth babysitters unjustly. Other babysitters deserve to be warned -- and this is aside from your right to protect your own reputation. The fact that they are still blaming you and not seeing that it's all their own fault is yet another reason you and other babysitters should stay away.

Additional_Alfalfa35 said:

NTA. As you say, they made it public. The fact that another family contacted you for your side of the story shows you have a good reputation.

Everyone was on OP's side for this one. What's your advice for this nanny?

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