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Woman goes 'scorched Earth' over her $10,000 inheritance rings, 'she can't find them.' AITA?

Woman goes 'scorched Earth' over her $10,000 inheritance rings, 'she can't find them.' AITA?


"AITA for Going 'Scorched Earth' Over My Inheritance Rings?"

My (F27) mom passed a year ago. It was known that it was a possibility, so my mom divided up her jewlery my dad had gotten her over the years to give to us if she passes. I had picked out 2 rings I had helped my dad pick out. They were not cheap, about $10,000 a piece when I got them appraised. When I left my husband (30m), I left pretty quickly and with basically nothing just to get out.

He kept some of my stuff, but it was in our divorce agreement that certain things were to be given to me and held in a safe deposit box until I could get them. I took basically nothing monetarily from the marriage when I left, and gave him basically everything.

The divorce is now final, and I finally came back to my home state to pick up the rings. I found out that he did not put the rings in the safety deposit box. Just some of my other jewelry. I confronted him about it, and I found out that not only did he not place them for safekeeping.

He stored them in his new girlfriend's (F21) apartment, who says she had them in her jewlery box for safekeeping but she can't find them. She knew what they were according to the texts I have, and that they were not his or a gift.

I talked to my divorce lawyer. He's filing a lawsuit since 1. Inheritance is not marital property, and 2. My ex did not follow his end of the divorce decree. I'm asking for $25,000, the cost of the rings plus emotional damages for the loss of the only thing I have left from my mom.

I also filed a report to the police for the theft of the rings by his girlfriend. That probably won't go anywhere though, but they are investigating is she or he sold them. I think it's a high possibility given the value. I'm devastating by losing these. They were so special to me.

He and his girlfriend are pissed at me because it's too much money that they don't have, she could get charged with theft or laundering the money from selling them for my ex (not sure, this is mostly from my lawyer) and it's just a couple rings. His friends (my old friends who I don't speak with) have been blowing up my phone calling me a B, and I hurt him so much already and to just leave it alone, that I'm getting what I deserved.

I wish I could get the rings back, but I'm so upset at this and over his whole attitude about it that I want to basically go scorched earth on them. At this point it's not only about the sentimental value, but to give a big f-k you after everything. AITA for seeing my ex for my rings and potentially getting his girlfriend in legal trouble?

Here's what top commenters had to say about this one:

yrnkween said:

NTA. He needs to give you a complete and honest account of what happened to your rings. If he’d rather see his new girlfriend in jail than face the truth, well it sucks to be her and be thrown under the bus.

WavesnMountains said:

NTA he f'd around and found out.

Ok_Play2364 said:

Who cares what his friends say? The rings were your property, and he either lost or sold them. Hold them accountable.

TheMTOne said:

NTA. In fact I would go further, and really make his life hard until he came around. Theft is theft.

GroundbreakingTwo201 said:

NTA. Don't give in at all. Go full scorched earth. F them.

Low_Smoke_7462 said:

NTA. They aren't "just rings." They are irreplaceable family heirlooms from your dead mother. They potentially stole your rings and deserve to be criminally prosecuted if that can be proven. Regardless, he was ordered by a judge to return your property to you and he should be held in contempt for violating your divorce agreement.

And he is responsible for the financial loss and paying that back to you. His friends should not be harassing you. I would block them, and if they continue to reach out and call you names, file harassment charges against them. They can f-k right off.

SpringfieldMO_Daddy said:

NTA - They are a bridge to your mother that can't be replaced. He needs to figure it out.

Everyone was on OP's side for this one. What's your advice on this situation?

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