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Woman insists on calling FIL's wife 'Birkin Girl,' because 'that's all she will ever be to me.' AITA?

Woman insists on calling FIL's wife 'Birkin Girl,' because 'that's all she will ever be to me.' AITA?


"AITA for maintaining my right to call FIL's wife 'Birkin Girl' because that is all she will ever be to me?"

FIL is a sad old cliche and left his wife for his "secretary" (he claims she wasn't but she worked for him at some point). Anyway years and years ago when FIL was married to MIL and was probably banging Birkin girl, he accidently hurt her at work playing a prank. Now this is extremely out of character. FIL is a pompous, uptight, straight laced you get the picture. He claims he was worried about her suing the company, so he bought her a Birkin. The handbag that starts at like 10k.

MIL just assumed he was sleeping with her at this point and would call her Birkin Girl when talking about her. Anyway FIL dumped MIL because he was in LOvE and made a fool out of himself because he is just so In LoVE. He married her and now acts like some sappy love struck idiot. It's been ten years and I still call her Birkin Girl.

At first she told FIL to let it go as she didn't want to cause a rift in the family. Recently FIL lost it when I referred to her as that and called me a "stupid c$nt" and "fat." My husband did stand up for me and we were both kicked out of his house (just visiting, don't live there) FIL sent him a long message about how I am a bully and we will never be welcome back. FIL claims I am "jealous' because why else can't I let go of his affair since I don't even like his ex.

My husband is now annoyed with me when he previously thought it was funny. He said I should grow up and even MIL is more gracious than I am. I honestly feel he is concerned about the will and everything going to Birkin. Now here is the thing .I HATE cheaters. I think they are gross and I really don't care about her FeElLIngS.

Here's what top commenters had to say about this one:

64green said:

The problem I have with it is calling her that while in her and fil’s home. If you came to my home and called me names, I’d kick you out, too. Call me whatever you want when I’m not around, but in my own home? Nope.

jethrine said:

You don’t get along with your FIL. You don’t get along with his wife. You don’t get along with your MIL. Your husband is asking you to tone it down so he can have a relationship with his father. Hmmmm. I’m sensing a common denominator here. YTA.

Livid-Supermarket-44 said:

You sound painful. Why do you even go to their house if you dislike them so much? You like the drama of it? You do not have to have a relationship with these people. YTA.

ArsBrevis said:

YTA for being so in your feelings about a step mother in law. You were not married to FIL and he didn't cheat on you so why are you bullying this woman like you're the scorned wife? Stop visiting if it bothers you so much. I'm sure it'd make everybody happier.

Foolish5678 said:

YTA it’s been a decade, it is what it is. Don’t insult people in their own homes, if you can’t deal, don’t visit them. She doesn’t need to mean anything to you.

recyclopath_ said:

I mean, YTA. Either associate with them or don't but associating with them while antagonizing her is just icky. Be civil or cut them out.

lai4basis said:

YTA and petty ASF. You must be a real treat to hang out with. You FIL should go NC with you.

No one was on OP's side for this one, as everyone was strictly team "Birkin Girl." what's your advice for this family?

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