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Woman is angry at in-laws for canceling her phone plan for giving it to an 8-year-old.

Woman is angry at in-laws for canceling her phone plan for giving it to an 8-year-old.


Dealing with your in-laws can be an exhausting experience. Constantly being asked to visit, very few boundaries, and the incessant pressure for grandchildren can all be annoying. It's important to communicate honestly and be direct when you can.

On a popular Reddit thread in the Am I the A**hole Subreddit, one person refuses to pay for their nephew to have a phone, and their MIL is not having that.

They write:

I feel super gaslit by my husband’s family right now. We are both late 20s, with no kids. When we married, we added my MIL to our cell plan a few years ago because she lives alone and doesn’t have a cell phone. My husband thinks it will be safer to have one for emergencies.

At the time, we added her for her phone and planned it was around $20 extra per month. Plan costs have increased, and she got a nicer phone, so now it’s close to $50 per month. Pretty steep, with the way the economy is.

Anyway, my husband’s brother has a young kid; he’s eight. He’s a nice kid, but not my responsibility. When I called my MIL's cellphone a few days ago, my nephew answered. I asked him if he was at grandma's house and if I could talk to her. He said he was at his house, and grandma had given him her cell phone to keep because his parents wouldn’t get him one.

My MIL didn’t tell my husband or me about this, and I got pretty angry. I’m already not thrilled about paying for HER to have a cellphone, and I’m not happy about paying for my eight-year-old nephew! I went to her house and told her that if she wasn't going to use the phone, I would take it off our plan and that I wanted the iPhone back from my nephew because my husband's screen was cracked, and he could have hers.

Needless to say, she’s mad now because 'it’s her phone to do with as she pleases, and she wants her nephew to have it.' I told her it was not her phone and that we won’t pay for it if he was using it. I told hubby I was canceling it, and then I did. I told him if she wants a phone again or wants her nephew to have one, she can sign up for her own plan.

He’s mad that I did that. MIL is mad. My Nephew and his parents are mad (but I did get the phone back since it’s no longer working on our plan). So AITA? I don't think I am. We all have to make cuts where we can with this economy.

The internet are experts on the economy.

ForkShirtUp says:

Wait, the parents who wouldn’t let their eight year old have a phone are mad? Shouldn’t they be angry that your MIL went over their heads or is nephew not getting a phone is for financial reasons?

KronkLaSworda says:

NTA (Not the A**hole). The whole point was for MIL to have it because she lives alone and might have an emergency. If she chooses not to keep it, then you don't have to pay for anything.

WVPrepper says:

NTA at all. Cancel it. You bought it for a specific purpose to keep your MIL safe. It is not serving that purpose and canceling it is completely reasonable.

There's no world where an eight year old needs a phone more than a woman. You do what you gotta do in this economy, OP.

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