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Woman is furious after suffering an accident and sister's response is 'I told you so.'

Woman is furious after suffering an accident and sister's response is 'I told you so.'


There's nothing more satisfying than telling someone, 'I told you so.' When someone doesn't believe your warnings, the satisfaction of smugly saying, 'I told you so' is better than the first chip, morning coffee, and even doing the nasty. However, there are probably times when you may want to hold that in.

On a popular Reddit thread in the Am I the A**hole Subreddit, a woman reveals to her sister when she will absolutely say, 'I told you so to her.'

She writes:

I (f27) enjoy motocross, and although I'm an amateur, I spend much of my time and money on it. My sister (f31) has always despised the sport. She always says it's dangerous and that I shouldn't be doing it because I will get hurt.

Three weeks ago, I fell on a jump, broke my ankle, and shattered my knee. It is still unsure what kind of recovery I will make, and I was (and still am) mentally in the wrong place. As I said, I love drifting around on my motorcycle, and I would be devastated if I could never do it again.

When my sister came to visit me at the hospital, the first thing she said to me was, 'I told you this would happen.' This shocked me, mainly because she said nothing else after that. She had no empathy or compassion; it almost seemed like she was finally happy to be proven right.

Now onto the part where I think I might be the a**hole. My sister has been smoking cigarettes for the past 14 years. I have never really said anything wrong about it, except when she asked about it or tried to convince me of the benefits of it.

So when she said, 'I told you so' to me at the hospital, I replied, 'Nice response; I will remember it for when you get lung cancer.' She got distraught, called me a b*tch, and left.

I have not spoken to her since, but I have gotten angry texts from our parents saying I crossed the line. I don't stand behind what I said because I would never do that to her if she got lung cancer, but I meant it more as an example to show how insensitive her comment was. AITA?

The internet loves a little sister drama.

crockofpot says:

Your comment wasn't great, but I will still go with NTA. Pulling an 'I told you so' on someone with an ACTUAL injury while they are lying in the hospital fresh off the trauma is worse than a remark in return about HYPOTHETICAL illness. I can't stand people who dish it out but cry to anyone who will listen when they get a fraction back in return.

NexxonX says:

NTA (Not the A**hole). She can't tell you, 'I told you so,' and then get offended if you claim you will do the same.

DegradingTree says:

NTA. Your older sister greeted someone (her younger sister, no less) who had a life-changing accident and was likely on painkillers by saying, 'told you so.'

You might have responded as you did for many reasons, but very few people would expect someone in the hospital to 'be the bigger person' about a cr*ppy comment like that.

I both shattered my ankle in a life-changing accident at 21 and have smoked on and off since 18, so I can see both sides of your conflict.

In a vacuum, neither of you should have said what you did, but you would not have had anything to respond to if your older sister had been more empathetic and mature.

OP, petty is as petty does and I 100% support the petty route.

Sources: Reddit
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