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Woman is furious with daycare because they won't let her child play outside in heels.

Woman is furious with daycare because they won't let her child play outside in heels.


Adults are weird when it comes to children's clothing choices. The only people making what kids wear weird are adults themselves. If kids want to wear something that isn't dangerous, offensive, or bad for their health, let them do it.

On a popular Reddit thread in the Am I the A**hole Subreddit, a woman is frustrated by her child's daycare's 'unreasonable' dress code.

She writes:

My daughter (2) got light-up princess heels from a family member. She loves these shoes and wants to wear them everywhere.

She wore them to daycare on Tuesday, and when I picked my daughter up, she wore a pair of socks from school instead of her shoes. They asked me to send “acceptable” shoes in her backpack if she wanted to wear her heels.

When I got home, I checked the school’s dress code, and there was absolutely nothing about shoes except that kids must be able to play in them comfortably. My daughter is very comfortable in her heels (she wears them to the park, the grocery store, and pretty much every time we leave the house, and she never complains), so I didn’t think there was anything wrong with her wearing them to school.

She wore them again to school yesterday. Shortly after I dropped her off, I got a call from her teacher saying I needed to drop off a new pair of shoes, but I was already at work, so that I couldn’t get her a new pair.

When I picked her up, it was the same thing. Her heels were in her backpack, and she was wearing socks. The teacher told me they couldn’t let her out for recess because of her shoes.

I was livid when they told me she couldn’t play at recess because of her shoes. First, she’s worn those shoes to the park, so I know she can play in them. Second, it’s not her fault I couldn’t drop off a new pair of shoes, so I don’t see why she has to be punished for it.

I want to pull her out of this daycare and find a better one, but my husband refuses because his kids (he has kids from a previous marriage) went there, and they all love it. I think they’re mistreating my daughter, and we should look for a better daycare. AITA?

The internet has opinions on this woman's parenting.

thepiratepunk says:

YTA (You're the A**hole), more than likely, it’s an insurance thing. Her feet must be covered if she goes outside on the playground. So if she loses a toe in her cute heels, it’s your fault.

dehydratedrain says:

YTA. They asked you to send alternative shoes if she wears heels, but you didn't. It doesn't matter that she hasn't been injured in little heels; the possibility of it happening is much higher than in proper playground footwear (sneakers). They're looking for her safety and protecting themselves from medical lawsuits.

Pulling her out isn't helping her understand that rules are there for a reason. On top of this, there are foot development issues to putting a toddler in heels. I would research it before I let her wear them daily, mainly because light-up princess heels are even less likely to offer proper support than other heels.

CrimsonKnight_004 says:

YTA - Send your kids with proper clothing to any daycare or school. You were already told to send other shoes in her backpack to wear to recess. You deliberately did not. You caused her to miss recess. Daycares don’t want to be liable for a kid who falls and gets hurt in their heels because their parent refused to pack other shoes.

The internet's verdict is: heels on a child are both dangerous and bad for their health.

Sources: Reddit
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