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Christian school forbids woman from helping at fundraiser because she has an OnlyFans.

Christian school forbids woman from helping at fundraiser because she has an OnlyFans.


If you make money off your body, that is your prerogative so long as you aren't hurting anyone. Despite non-traditional work being more accepted today than in the past, a stigma around it still lingers. On a popular Reddit thread in the Am I the A**hole Subreddit, one woman is reminded of this stigma surrounding her work.

AITA for telling my sister and PTA to f*ck off after excluding me from a school fun day because I have a OF?

Schools need help to raise funds.

There's this fun day/fundraiser at my niece and nephew's school sometime in the near future, and my sister is a part of the parents association, so she's been busy helping to organize the whole thing and to find people to volunteer/help out.

OP is a very solid aunt.

A week ago, she asked me to help with the face painting and lead some games/activities. She's my sister, so I agreed and even bought and paid for all the paint myself.

OP makes her living on the internet like many others.

I have Only Fans to make money. I'm nowhere near the top echelon of creators, but I make a sizable amount from it.

Okay, somebody is a nark.

I haven't told many people outside friends. Today I got the logistics meeting with everyone, and my sister pulled me aside. Apparently, someone knows about my OnlyFans and told the other parents/organizers, and now they have a problem with my involvement since they're a Christian school.

Yes, because Jesus would never let Mary Magdalene do something nice for her niece and nephew.

They say that my OnlyFans go against their morals, so they can't let me help out. They seem to think I'd lead their kids astray into starting their own while playing some running games.

They say never meet your fans. I guess this is why.

Doubt they held the same energy for the person who somehow knows about my OF, but that's neither here nor there. My sister said I was off the team because of all this, so I told all of them to f*ck off and left. AITA?

JeepersCreepers74 says:

NTA (Not the A**hole), and thanks for the tip. Off to create an Only Fans so I don't have to help out at any PTA fundraising events ever again!

jrm1102 says:


Funny that you are being disinvited for doing an OF, yet… someone knew you had one. Curious. They’re fine watching it, but heaven forbid those people to exist in real life.

Mekoides1 says:

Being judgmental hypocrites is the defining characteristic of Christianity. You are NTA for being upset at what they did, but it also can't come as a surprise.'

You should figure out who narked on you and block their account.

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