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Woman lies to family about being pregnant with twins until she gives birth during natural disaster. AITA? MAJOR UPDATES.

Woman lies to family about being pregnant with twins until she gives birth during natural disaster. AITA? MAJOR UPDATES.


When this woman is furious with her family and hides her entire life from them, she asks Reddit:

"I'm Nine Months Pregnant & No One Knew Until Three Days Ago. AITA?"

I 27 f don't have a close relationship with my family. I'm seen as the weird child in my family that didn't have a profession by age 16 & is just happy with there "waste of time" job (graphic design). Ive barely had any communication with them in the past two years especially after I moved states away for my job.

But despite that I have built a pretty good life in my new city. I love my job , I've made some amazing friends, I even bought my own house & about nine months ago I thought I met Mr right but a couple bad decisions later & a few months after he was long gone i found out im not only pregnant but pregnant with twins.

As much of a shock that was it wasn't unwelcome, I've always wanted a baby & I've been given double my wish. I have more then enough room & funds for the little buns I have cooking & I can't wait for my new little family.

So for the past nine months I have been happily surrounded by my friends & found family & eagerly getting ready for there arrival & just living in my own bubble that three days ago at 35 weeks 5 days a tired & very ready to pop me gets a FaceTime from my mother & father.

I answer the call out of curiosity only showing my face & they start by saying I look different & got straight to the point that my dad wanted me to design a logo for his business free of charge cause "it's just a couple clicks on a keyboard".

I told them no & we start to argue back & forth until at one point I got up without thinking about it & my mom saw my obviously very pregnant belly & just stops everything & the following conversation happens.

"Is that what I think I is? Are you pregnant!?" "Oh shit really I thought I just shallowed a watermelon seed" "Don't joke your obviously pregnant darling! "

"Your HUGE! I don't mean that meanly but your obviously very far along, when did this happen! Who's the father? HOW COULD YOU NOT TELL US?!?! "I'm nine months mom" "NINE MONTHS!!! how could you not tell us our first grandchild will be here soon!" "I'm having twins & the father is not in the picture"

"Omg I can't believe this , Hun why didn't you tell us" The rest of are conversation was pretty ok & now my mom is calling in every few hours to check in & now that shes told other members of our family so are they but I can't help but feel like they only care about my babies & I wanna tell all of them to f off.

Before we provide you with OP's dramatic updates, let's take a look at some of the top responses:

genderflux writes:

It's ok to block them all and go no contact until you are emotionally ready to deal with them.

You were already low contact because of how they treated you, and now that they know about their grandbabies, they want to force contact with you to have access to your children.

Being genetically related doesn't give them the right to make demands of you or your time. You need to focus on yourself and your twins first.

You have all the support you need in town already, I recommend letting your in town support system know that your parents and other family are hounding you and have someone tell your family to knock it off.

ficklefemme writes:

Your heart is about to explode with love. Love you can’t fully comprehend at this moment. Admittedly, sometimes the hormones and labor experience leave you a bit flat periodically, but just wait..

it’s going to be amazing. Now try to Remember this… the parents who now see you as an adult while simultaneously still seeing you as their baby, once didn’t comprehend how much they could love you until you became you.

Unless they’re abusive narcissists who ruin all they touch, let them in. Open your heart. If their only crime is not being the grown parents you need, they may be the grandparents you’re DEFINITELY going to need. Good luck little momma -you got this!

6am7am8am writes:

This may not be what you want to hear, but your mum may genuinely want to be there for you. Consider letting her in.

27 is very young in the grand scheme if parent child relationships. Of course I don't know your history. I just read a Little paragraph about being the weird kid. I'm 31 and have had a tumultous to relationship with both my mum and dad.

Still do. Sometimes need to go low contact from my mum (my dad is dead) just to say sane. But it took me s long time to realise that they're there when I need them, albeit in their own way. Yes, my mum let's me down (constantly) but where it really matters, I guess, I know she has my back.

Of course I don't know your situation. But life is long. Things really only started changing with my parents after I turned 29 or so. Relationship dynamics change.

Consider I'd your mum will be there for you with the babies. Take advantage of that. I trust you are strong and confident and can definitely do this by yourself. But accepting help from others is okay too.

mcglue writes:

First of all, congratulations for the life you have crafted for yourself. For your found family. For your friends. For being brilliant at taking good care, and being well situated so that when you have this amazing gift of two children, you can pull it off. I’m so happy for you.

Your family of origin is truly what you thought they are. They don’t really care about you. Perhaps they don’t know how. Obviously this is why they aren’t even in touch unless they want some thing from you.

This is why you have a found family. Which is brilliant. Because of who they are they probably 100% lack insight into how limited they are. How uncaring they are.

How unimportant they are in your life because of their own choices about who they are. It is what it is. But lots of people get really screwed up and greedy about babies. They treat babies like a desert to consume. Like something to gratify them.

They want to be near them and they want to hold them and they want to touch them. As far as I’m concerned, that’s really screwed up. Objectifying small people who are just tender and beginning they are precious lives.

I can’t stand it. I suspect that’s what they’re doing. They want to objectify your babies and be gratified by annoying them.

Do you get to set all the limits you want. They only contacted you because they wanted something from you And as the person above...

said, please protect the life you have, and please, please protect your beautiful children, so they aren’t subjected to the same weird stuff you grew up with.

Keep cultivating your authentic life and have that be what you share with them. No matter what your family of origin does , keep them at a distance.

This is one of those tipping points where they find out the real of the relationship they have chosen to have with you and they aren’t going to like it. You take care.

Then, OP provides her first update about the birth:

I (27f) I'm days maybe even hours away from giving birth too my two little buns and im basically going to be doing this alone.

My family are states away & the father has basically disappeared. I do have some friends that can help me out but my hospital won't let any of them in the delivery room with me.

I don't know what I'm doing & even though I'm excited & have had months to prepare for this I'm nervous as hell.

Anyone have any advice for a nervous soon to be mama?

Then, readers offered the following advice:

benecup writes:

You’re amazing!!!!! Your twins are going to be so lucky to have you as a mom. A joy and love like you’ve never felt before is coming. So excited for you. If you end up needing a c section, I had a C and it was a great experience for me. Congrats on your soon to be family of 3.

rareversion writes:

Oh my gosh twins! Congratulations, you got this momma! Im 23 and I gave birth by myself in September, i wasnt prepared for it at all but my baby came early & i had to be airlifted farther away from where i live, and i also live very far away from all my family too. It was scary for sure!

But i know for me, all of the medics, nurses and doctors i had were absolutely amazing, and they did everything they could to make sure i was comfortable and had support when i needed it! I think no matter how long we have to prepare ourselves, there really is no way to be 100% prepared to bring life into the world lol.

In the newborn stage the only advice i have is to not worry about the messy house, or stressing yourself out over getting other things done that aren’t necessary!

Its tough not having the support that many others do, but you’ll get through it, just focus on taking care of you and the babies and try not to push yourself too much or be too hard on yourself!

narrowchem writes:

Thinking about you! For the birth of my first, I honestly didn’t want anyone around me.

I did a Bradley class with my husband to prepare him to be a birthing partner and all that, but when labor rolled around I didn’t want anyone to so much as look at me, much less talk to me or try to touch me.

I thought I’d want him rubbing my back or at least holding my hand but nope. I wanted to be left alone. I was very inwardly focused, especially as labor got more intense. So he just hung around while I ignored him and the hospital staff.

Labor is honestly such a mental game, go into with a good mindset: you are safe at the hospital where you’re birthing, you trust your medical team, you are strong, and you are the perfect mama for your babies. Nothing else matters! Sending you all the good vibes.

And now, OP's final update and labor story:

I just really wanna share my labor story with someone so here we go Two days ago I felt back & hip pain (or more then normal from carrying two while being a short 5'3 180pds)

but i ignored it as this is my first time & didn't know that was a sign of labor so i just went about my day, but the pain got more intense & I also became nauseous.

but by then a really bad snowstorm had started so I just took some Tylenol & went to bad & figured I'd call my doctor in the morning.

At 4am I woke up to contractions & my water breaking. I woke up my friend who has been staying with me to help me out & she helped me clean up then helped me lay back down while she called in ambulance.

Because of the snowstorm they were very delayed & neither of us have a car so all we could do was wait.

Twenty minutes went by, then thirty, then in hour & I got really nervous as my contractions were now five minutes apart & still all I could do was wait. I tried to keep moving but the pain was to much, all I could do was lay down.

Two hours later we finally heard them pull up outside & the contractions were now one minute apart & i was scared at how fast it was happening.

She went to go let them in & as she did I got a contraction & a massive pressure to just push & then felt what I assume now is a head come out. I started screaming "it's happening! It's coming! & My friend & the paramedics came in as a pushed the rest of my baby boy out.

They then got me & my baby into the ambulance & when we finally got to the hospital & into the maternity ward it was time for my daughter to come & she came as quick as her brother. My daughter had a little trouble but she is good now & I'm typing this in the hospital while my two precious buns sleep on my chest.

even though I'm a single mom with no family around I have always wanted a baby & I have double my wish. I named them Dennis & Anne after my grandparents & I love them too pieces & Really wanted to share my good news.

Looks like OP had a happy ending. How should she proceed with her family? Any advice for her?

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