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Woman receives ultimatum of take down her TikTok or lose her friends, she chooses TikTok.

Woman receives ultimatum of take down her TikTok or lose her friends, she chooses TikTok.


Woman loses her friends after making TikTok about friends excluding her from a Super Bowl party.

DangerFruit0702 says:

I (26F) have three best friends: Emma (26F), Bee (25F), & Brent (28M). We have all been friends for 4-6 years. We usually hang out in a group with some of Emma's friends. Over a few months, I received fewer invitations, and they would all hang out without me frequently.

I finally broke down crying to all three of them, explaining how I felt like an outcast amongst my own friends. They said they would try to include me and that it wasn't intentional, but nothing changed much.

Days before the Super Bowl, Bee told me she was going to a mutual acquaintance's house to watch the game and that it was an "intimate thing". I told her to enjoy herself, and I would find other plans. I asked Emma what she was doing, she said she also had plans.

On a hunch, I asked her if it was at the same mutual acquaintance's house. She told me yes. I was pretty upset and decided to ask her why I hadn't been included. She said that Bee and Brent had been invited, while she and 2 others had invited themselves, and that. I wasn't left out intentionally. I decided not to push the issue and told her to have fun. Noticeably, Emma and Bee both didn't offer to find a way to include me.

That night I decided to sit down and record my feelings. The video talked about a movie quote and how I felt it applied to my situation. How my friends didn't have to include me in everything, but why didn't they want to? I occasionally make content on TikTok and decided the video might be relatable, so I decided to post just the small clip.

It didn't mention any names, but the caption said "POV: all your friends go to a Super Bowl party without you". Was it dumb of me to include that bit, perhaps. But I knew it would get more views if it mentioned the Super Bowl, since it was socially relevant, and the algorithm was pushing Super Bowl-related content.

Brent proceeds to text my partner, who he is close with, to ask him if they can speak about the video. My partner insists that since my feelings are what Brent wanted to discuss, he needed to take it up with me directly. Brent insists on speaking to my partner instead and informs him I need to either remove the video or turn off the comments.

I was surprised to be receiving this reaction from them, considering the video was fairly generic. I start a group chat with the three of them, asking when we could get together to talk about why they were so angry. They attempt to have the conversation with me through text, saying how offended they felt because I posted the video.

I told them it would be best to speak in person, but they kept refusing, saying they wouldn't even speak to me if I didn't remove the video first. I insisted I wasn't removing the video until they met with me in person to talk about why they were so upset.

They decided to cut their losses and just unfriend me through text instead. I said if they are refusing to even speak to me in person and decide to end our years of friendship over text, then they were never really my friends. AITA?

Here are the top comments:


People are calling OP childish, but I think it is even more childish when those people instead of just being upfront with you, they’re making you play mind games trying to see what you did wrong and when you try to talk to them, they deflect and act if everything is good.

Also, inviting yourselves to someone's place if they didn’t know the host is rude. Her friend knows the host but she doesn't. Honestly if they didn’t do anything wrong, they wouldn’t be bothered by some tik tok stuff.

madelynhateslol says:

I empathize with op. ESH (Everyone Sucks Here). I think that this was the wrong way to handle it, but if your account of the situation is right, i would understand why you feel left out and question why they aren’t engaging like they used to.

You’re right about how you shouldn’t have been so specific in your video, but I’d take it a step further to say you shouldn’t have posted this somewhere you’d know they’d see it. Stirring the pot online instead of talking to them (I know you mentioned you already tried this, but if nothings changed that is also a conversation to be had).

The drama around them refusing to talk to you unless you delete the video is petty and immature. You should be considering whether these friendships are worth saving and defintiley take what you can learn from this situation and grow from it.

pcbmf says:

These people didn't want to hang out with you. They didn't want to hurt your feelings so they lied to you. I can see how this would be upsetting. Your reaction on the other hand is weird, dramatic and ridiculous. The real problem here is that 1) you cant take a hint 2) you completely lack the self-awareness to wonder why they might not want to hang out with you.

I have to believe they were slowly cutting you out for reasons that you aren't sharing or are too obtuse to even understand. The video just made you look so much worse. YTA (You're the A%@#ole). Your friends should have just told you straight up, so they are soft AH here.

IllustriousBad577 says:

YTA. I read the title and thought this was gonna be about some 13-year-old middle school drama. I was mostly right. You could just ask if you could come along… sounds like others were inviting themselves.

You’re right including the Super Bowl party in the title makes it come off as pretty passive aggressive, and bringing up the TikTok algorithm like that somewhat undermines some of your authenticity.

What do you think? Was OP right to not take her TikTok down?

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