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Woman makes 10 year old cry after shaming two men for breaking her son's dirt bike. AITA?

Woman makes 10 year old cry after shaming two men for breaking her son's dirt bike. AITA?


Woman attempts to shame two adult men and ends up making a 10 year-old cry.

ContestFun3717 writess:

My son (13) has been asking for a dirt bike for easily 3 years, and this year I was finally able to afford one. It was delivered yesterday morning. I didn't tell my son, so it was a surprise. It cost me almost $2k.

I told my husband point blank that NO ONE was to touch my son's dirt bike. I made this point clear because his buddy lives next door and has 6 boys (age range 7 to 16). He said he completely agreed and didn't want anyone to touch it either (I ordered it 2 months ago, so that's when we had the discussion).

So my son gets home me and his stepdad (my husband) give him his dirt bike. The kid was so happy that he cried. He immediately started riding. I went indoors to start dinner and get the dishes done. I was indoors for roughly 45 minutes when my son comes in slamming doors, crying, etc.

I ask what's going on, and he tells me that my husband's friend's 10yo crashed the dirt bike, ripped off the front tire, and bent the handlebar back, and then he slams the door. I follow him into the bedroom and get him relatively calmed down enough for him to tell me that my husband told him, "this happens sometimes, you live and learn, some stuff gets broken, it's not a big deal," and it was HIM who told my son to share the dirt bike.

I immediately threw my shoes on and went downstairs in full momma bear mode, admittedly. I walked up to my husband and his friend, who were standing by the bike, and asked him who's paying to cover the cost to fix the bike. His friend didn't say anything, and my husband tells me, "it'll have to wait. No one can afford it right now."

I lost it. I told him that he's the idiot who went against OUR agreement and he shouldn't have told my son to share his bike and "that kid had no business touching my son's stuff to begin with. Neither of you forked over a dime toward the cost, so it's pretty ballsy of you to make decisions about it."

He said he "forgot" our agreement and didn't think it was a big deal and that my son "should have just said no" (my son told me that he said he didn't want to). At some point, I hear crying behind me, and I turn and see the 10yo standing there crying.

I comforted the kid, saying it wasn't his fault and that it was the adults' fault for thinking he was big enough to ride it. He calmed down. But my husband and his buddy are calling me a "psycho."

P.S.: The kid was fine, by the way. He tried to hit a jump, chickened out, and bailed on the bike after revving it full throttle, so the bike slammed into a tree. He's not injured. I did NOT realize the kid was standing there. If I had paid more attention, I probably would have noticed, but I didn't see him anywhere in the vicinity when I started going off.

Here are the top comments from the post:

Sea_Firefighter_4598 says:

NTA (Not the A%@&ole). Tell them they will see a "f%#@ing psycho" for real if the bike is not replaced. Have your husband tally up what he can sell of his stuff to replace the bike. Poor kid wanted it for 3 years and daddy let his friend's kid wreck it in one hour.

Very_Misunderstood says:

NTA. Accidents happen but the friend’s dad should pay for it. You spend 2k on a bike and it was ruined in under hour, I’d be mad too! Is your husband always like this though?? It seems he has no respect or remorse towards you and your son.

OP responded:

I can think of a few times he's disregarded what I originally said because it's "not a big deal".

Karma_1969 says:

NTA, your husband is a f@%^ng jerk-off. I hope you're making him sleep on the couch until he comes crawling around with an apology and the money for repair. Show him how "f^&#ing psycho" you can really be.

chipolatanullod38 says:

NTA. Your husband clearly broke the agreement and disrespected your son's property. You had every right to be angry, especially since they weren't taking responsibility for their actions. And bonus points for comforting the crying kid - shows you're not actually a psycho.

tuna_tofu says:

NTA-Small claims court is your friend. Get an estimate for repair and replacement and file in court. SOMEBODY is going to pay to fix this!

What do you think? Was OP right to get upset?

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