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Woman on maternity leave asks if she was wrong to rat out her replacement.

Woman on maternity leave asks if she was wrong to rat out her replacement.


When you go on maternity leave, you can feel like you lose control at the office. When this mom-to-be wants to get her incompetent coworker fired, she asks Reddit:

'WIBTA if I got my coworker who is covering my Maternity leave fired?'

I still have access to emails and our accounting program so I can see what's going on and it's an absolute mess. I manage 4 accounts which comes with three separate mailboxes on outlook.

When I was there accounts where up to date. And mail boxes where clear. Most emails I had were 5 at the end of the day because if it comes after 4pm I save it for the next day.

I recently logged in and there are over 200 in each mailboxes. I looked at sent items and it's only like 4 emails and queries every other day. It's not a busy time of the year at all, and I keep I touch with people in my department and they said it's been slow.

Since I been off the person covering me just let it build up. Accounts are a mess. I had a catch up with my boss and he said my cover told him she has everything in control but he hasn't had access to my accounts to see, I did not tell him, I have been logging to my work computer and knew what mess it was.

My boss is quite new and was hired during the Pandemic as our previous one got really sick. I want to enjoy my maternity leave and I hate to come back to a big mess. WIBTA if I got her fired?

Let's see what Reddit had to say.

korinf writes:

NTA. As is pointed out on nearly every other similar AITA thread, and which all the other yahoos answering seem to be forgetting, is that you would not be getting your coworker fired. Unless you are directly in charge of firing her, all you can do it tell your boss that she is failing in her duties.

If she gets fired it will be because of her inability to do the job she was hired to do. If your boss is actually good, he will give her a warning first and make sure she fully understands what is expected of her, but based on another comment you left explaining that you personally trained her to replace you, I'm sure that she does.

She's probably slacking off and milking the position because she knows it's only temporary.

chunkycasper writes:

YTA for spying on your maternity leave cover. Don't touch. You aren't her manager. It's not your responsibility rn. When you go back, much of it will be resident as responding to people that late will only highlight the fact that it's been that long. People with need will follow up.

mydogkid writes:

YTA Currently this is not your work account, you are logging in into someone else‘s account, this is abuse of power. You left, stop putting your nose in other people‘s business, not everything is about you.

Seems like the jury's out on this one. Is pregnant OP TA? What do You think?

Sources: Reddit
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