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Woman tries to pawn late husband's mint condition Star Wars collection, daughter 'flips out.' AITA?

Woman tries to pawn late husband's mint condition Star Wars collection, daughter 'flips out.' AITA?


"WIBTAH if I pawned my late husband's Star Wars collection?"

Before my husband's death, I was the only one working but he was receiving a small amount of disability but that ended when he did. I was given a 7 day pay or leave notice today for our apartment.

It was through the court so after 7 days I’ll have an eviction on my record. I was giving him the money to pay rent but for 3 months he was buying booze and pills to cope with his demons.

I don’t have anything of value. I have my phone but I need it. I don’t have any other electronics or jewelry worth anything. My local church already helped me with my utility bill before I knew the rent wasn’t being paid and they can’t help, nobody can. I don’t want to be homeless with my daughter and I don’t want to have to rehome my cat.

The only thing I have worth something is his Star Wars collection. He started collecting them when he was young and they are all in mint condition. I looked on ebay and the figurines are selling for about $50 a pop.

I figure if I start selling them tonight I can get enough to save my apartment. As I was sorting through everything my daughter came in and asked what I was doing. He wasn’t hers by blood but he was her dad, if that makes sense.

I told her I was getting ready to start taking pictures of everything to sell and she flipped out on me. Instantly crying that it was the last thing that was left of him, that I had no right to do so, and it was something that meant alot to him. I told her we were getting evicted and she said she would sleep in a box under the bridge.

I love my husband, I love my daughter and understand she is grieving and this might be traumatizing but being homeless is going to be a lot worse or god forbid we have to get rid of our cat and move to a shelter.

I told her that her dad is gone and isn’t coming back for it. That it was only valuable to him when he was alive. I honestly don’t know if that was the right thing to say but would I be the ahole if I sold some of his Star Wars collection?

Here's what top commenters had to say about this:

kathryn_sedai said:

Let your daughter pick one or two and sell the rest on EBay where you can get better value. She hopefully will understand but you need to survive now.

frog_ladee said:

NTA. Looking ahead 20 years, your daughter will likely not even want this Star Wars collection. Or, it will stay in a box in her attic. Take some photos of the whole collection to save for her. Let her choose a favorite one, and sell the rest.

She can keep that one, which will be easier to display if she wants, instead of a big collection. The least your husband can do for you now is provide this source of funds to be able to stay in your apartment. Consider the sale of this collection as his last gift to you.

liannawild said:

NTA, sell the toys. His property became yours automatically upon his death unless otherwise specified in a legally binding will.

ThatHellaHighHobbit said:

NTA- But I’d but it on marketplace to talk to your local comic shop and see if there’s anyone interested that way you can make closer to what it’s worth. Without the middle man and usually in cash.

MeowGirly said:

Maybe keep one piece for her but you are NTA if you need to sell them all to save your place to live

Everyone here supported the sale. What's your advice for this mom?

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