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'AITA for demanding that my fiancé buy me a diamond ring after proving that I'm 'pure'.'

'AITA for demanding that my fiancé buy me a diamond ring after proving that I'm 'pure'.'


I prooved to my fiancé that I'm a virgin because he didn't believe me and then demanded he buy me a diamond ring if he wanted to marry me.

Ashamed_Figure8213 writes:

I'm a 27-year-old Indian woman (born and raised in India) currently living in America. I don't want to provide too many details, but I'm here for work and plan to stay for several more years.

I met this guy, let's call him Dog. His parents are Indian, and things were going well between us. We fell in love, informed our families, and they approved of our relationship. We decided to have the engagement here, with his whole family going back to India for the wedding.

However, a few weeks before the engagement, Dog's mother made a troubling comment. She expressed relief that her son hadn't chosen a 'White' girl from the streets and praised my 'desi beauty', which made me uncomfortable.

For the engagement, I bought him a diamond ring. When I asked what he got me, he responded, 'You're not a virgin, duh, don't expect a diamond ring.'

Despite having had a boyfriend a year ago, nothing physical happened between us. However, Dog refuses to believe this, insisting that no independent Indian woman of 27 could be a virgin. I asked if HE did it with somebody, because Indian men are also expected to be virgins till they marry and it would be a deal breaker for us. He said that he's a man, the rules are different for him.

I was furious. I obtained statements from four different doctors confirming what I already knew and threw the results in his face during dinner with his family and friends. His reaction was dismissive, claiming that I wasn't 'totally pure' because many men had seen me.

In front of everyone, I showed him a picture of a very expensive diamond ring and demanded he buy it for me, using my test results as leverage. His father erupted, accusing me of being an 'out of control girl' who would ruin their household, threatening to involve my father.

Ultimately, my family supported me, while Dog became a laughing stock among his friends and coworkers. However, his family continues to harass me, calling me a disgrace. Despite this, Dog claims I went too far and that the marriage could have been called off privately. Do you think I went too far?"

OP responded to a comment:

Beneficial_Test_5917 says:

The phrase, however imaginative, suggests a request that you two be true to each other. The past cannot be changed. The future is yours to protect. (Doctors examinations (are we in the 7th century?) be damned).

OP responded:

I know he thinks that It was over in this moment. I just wanted to give him a final "F U", I guess.

thanKyouaIMee says:

Make it a movie I’ll go see it.

Brilliant-Tune3735 says:

Girl you went to US for what? To take on this bulls^%t again? Marry someone who'll actually respect you.

What do you think? Did OP go to far?

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