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Woman refuses to share inheritance from 'old money' grandparents with step siblings. AITA?

Woman refuses to share inheritance from 'old money' grandparents with step siblings. AITA?


"AITA for not wanting to share my inheritance with my step siblings?"

My (22F) mom and grandparents passed away few months ago in a terrible accident and left me everything. My mom and grandparents were incredibly rich (old money rich type) so it’s a lot of money.

My parents divorced when I was 15 when my dad cheated on my mom with his coworker. They had a prenup signed so my dad basically received nothing from the divorce and I lived with my mom full time. I visited my dad during school holidays but I was never a fan of his new family (the woman he had an affair with and her kids).

Anyway, I’m still processing the list of my grandparents and mom but my dad wants me to share my inheritance with his step kids. Dad was fired from his old job after the affair blew up and is struggling to maintain a job. So his living situation is pretty bad.

My mom paid for my university and I’m planning to invest this money and also continue studying (masters). My step siblings will be turning 18 next year and my dad was saying how they have to get student loans to pay for their college.

I told my dad it’s not my problem because I don’t see them as my family. And this money is from my mom and grandparents who definitely don’t see them as family. He blew up on me calling me heartless.

His wife is also messaging me asking for money to help them out but I told her to leave me alone because she’s not entitled to anything. they are now harassing my bf into changing my mind.

It’s getting increasingly annoying. Some of my friends think I can give them just 10% to help them out. because I will still have more than enough money. AITA?

Here's what top commenters had to say about this one:

LilOrchidJenny said:

Have your lawyer send them a cease & desist. Warn them that if they don't knock it off you'll go No Contact. (How did they get your BF's number, by-the-way?). NTA. You owe them nothing and they have a lot of gall to even ask. I'm sorry for your loss.

KronkLaSworda said:

NTA. That money is yours. If your mom or grandparents wanted the step kids to have any money, then they would have left some to them. Please do yourself a favor and block step mom and step siblings from your phone.

"My friends think i can give them just 10% to help them out." Never, ever, ever, let friends, family, neighbors, random internet strangers, or the clergy be generous with YOUR money.

Please, when it comes to money, put everyone on an information diet. Your friends and other family members don't need to know anything about your inheritance. Stop telling people about it.

Pladohs_Ghost said:

NTA. Your dad's stepkids have absolutely no relation to your mom and grands, nor to you. At no point can any sort of claim on their part to inheritance be anything other than laughable. As you've no relationship to dad's stepkids, I have to wonder why he'd even think you'd consider giving them money. They're not your family, not your friends, not your anything.

And your dad's wife bothering you for anything when you have no relationship with her is beyond the pale. If you had a good relationship with his wife and stepkids, then it'd be nice to consider helping them out. Shoot, it'd be nice to consider that without having a relationship with them. You'd still have absolutely no obligation of any sort to help them.

Some of your friends are obvious AHs and have little respect for you as can be seen by how quick they are to try to give your money away. If they truly believe your dad's step kids are entitled to other peoples' money, they can step up and give away their own money.

No_Mathematician2482 said:

NTA. This is why people who get money should absolutely keep it a secret. The same happens for lottery winners. When you get money, the people come out of the woodwork saying how much you mean to them and can I have some money.

It's crap and I feel bad for people who find a good break, and then have to deal with the moochers. Good luck OP! No guilt to say no to the moochers.

WolfGoddess77 said:

NTA. That money was left to you. As such, it's yours to do with what you want, whether that be sharing it, or simply keeping it in the bank and collecting interest. Your father's financial difficulties are not your problem.

lllindseeey said:

Your dad made his bed. And if I’m reading correctly the step siblings you are referring to are the other woman’s children and not biologically your dad’s or related to you (other than by adultery). That’s a bold move to ask for money, especially with how you got it and who it’s for. NTA.

whistleDick52 said:

Those step-siblings have absolutely no connection to your mother or grandparents. Would your mother want her money going to them? I doubt it. Honor your families wishes. There is no way their wishes involved giving their fortune to strangers. You may be the ahole for even considering it. But, NTA.

Everyone was on OP's side for this one. What's your advice for this family?

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