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Woman asks if it was wrong to skip engagement party after fiancé takes prank too far.

Woman asks if it was wrong to skip engagement party after fiancé takes prank too far.


Prank people love to take a joke far. Unfortunately, they sometimes don't understand how far is too far. On a popular Reddit thread, one prankster takes his joke on his fiancé further than he should have.

AITA for not attending the engagement dinner my future in-laws threw for me after my fiance hid my engagement ring?

Congratulations, OP!

My fiance (M 31) proposed to me (f 28) days ago. He has this habit of joking around and pulling pranks occasionally. It bothers me, but I try to have patience. His family wanted to throw us an engagement party at a restaurant. I heard his mom talk about how expensive the place was and how much they paid for reservations, so this was a massive deal for them.

That's too soon to lose that.

My fiance and I were getting ready. I noticed my engagement ring wasn't where I left it before I entered the shower. I freaked out and looked for it everywhere. I asked my fiance about it, and he said he didn't see it. I freaked out and was running out of time for the party.

He sat there watching me, almost losing my mind trying to find it, to the point where I started crying because, without the ring, I couldn't show up to the party.

This man doesn't understand what a prank is.

I kept thinking about what his family would say and how they'd think I was irresponsible to lose the somewhat expensive ring. I gave up looking and sat down and just cried in frustration.

The next thing I knew, my fiance was standing in front of me laughing with his hand extended to me with the ring. I asked where he found it, and he could barely speak and said that he hid last minute before the party as a 'prank.'

I was in shock. He casually told me to get ready, so we could 'get there in time,' but I just blew up on him and started yelling, saying he hid the ring; it made me freak out for 2 hours almost and almost made me miss the party. He was like, 'relax; it was a prank, okay? Don't make a big deal out of it and ruin the evening'.

I told him I wasn't going to the party and that if his family asked, I would tell them it was because he had hidden my ring. He freaked out and started begging me to let it go and go with him, but I refused and went into the bedroom, and stayed there. He lost it and kept saying that I blew this out of proportion and that I ruined my party and cost his family $$$$ and disrespected them by not attending.

Maybe you shouldn't have said yes.

His family found out, and they were mad at him and me for choosing not to attend and getting over it, but I was in a horrible state emotionally and couldn't handle being in a public place after what happened. AITA for choosing not to go after he hid the ring?

megan998 says:

Why would you marry someone who thinks making you cry is funny?

Beginning_Ad_1371 says:

NTA (Not the A**hole). He watched you panic and cry for two hours. Your discomfort and pain are his ENTERTAINMENT. Don't marry him, he doesn't care about you or your feelings at all.

CatJudgement says:

NTA. Two hours? A prank is 2 minutes. Are you sure you want to stay with this man? These pranks aren't funny. He doesn't stop. He blames you when you don't go along with his childish sense of humor. So he doesn't respect you. This isn't a one-time thing. Think about this. Wait for the wedding, when he thinks it's funny to make fun of you during the toast.

If your fiance likes pranks, tell him to channel that energy into improv or standup comedy, not his marriage.

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