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Woman refuses to let entitled SIL and her friends drop in uninvited to her home, AITA?

Woman refuses to let entitled SIL and her friends drop in uninvited to her home, AITA?


You can't choose your family, especially your family-in-law. Often you are at the whims of your siblings and who they decide to spend the rest of their lives with. Hopefully, they choose well, but sometimes they choose poorly.

On a popular Reddit thread in the Am I the A**hole Subreddit, one woman tries to have a nice night to herself only to be interrupted by her least favorite sister-in-law.

She writes:

I (F) have five brothers and four sisters-in-law, I get along with three of them wonderfully, and the 4th one is just ok. No beef or anything. (Until now) She isn't as social as the rest of us and often keeps to herself.

We have a family group chat with our siblings and spouses, and she doesn't participate much, but I know she reads everything. Also, I live in a touristy area, preparing to amp up for the year.

I posted in the group chat that my in-laws were taking my daughter to another state to visit family. And how excited I was for her to go but also how excited I was for the alone time.

I took my daughter to meet my inlaws and stopped for food on my way home with the plan to open all my patio doors, enjoy the breeze and sounds and watch TV all night. I get home, drop the food on the counter, and go into my bedroom to put my pj's on.

I hear someone banging on my patio doors and walk out of the bedroom. It's sister-in-law number four with three other women I don't know. They have suitcases and are all trying to open my door.

I open the door slightly and ask, 'What's up' and my SIL says that when she saw I was gonna be kid free for a few days, she decided to plan a girl's trip and keep me company. I say, 'Without asking if I wanted company because I don't,' one of her friends says, 'You didn't make sure this was ok?'

SIL says, 'We're family. I don't need to check,' to which I reply, 'Oh no, you absolutely should have checked because I would have told you NO.'

SIL says, 'Well, we're here now. So let us in,' I say, 'No, that's ok. I'm not up for company. Especially four of you.' SiL says, 'But you have three guest rooms.' I reply, 'No one is in my daughter's room. One is my office, and one is a guest room for invited guests. Which you are not. Please go away.'

Then I closed the curtains I had put up mainly for decoration and wasn't sure if they would cover all the windows. She knocked on my patio doors for about 15 min before they left. I blocked her on everything so I could enjoy the night.

My brother called and asked me what happened, and I told him. He said that his wife had told him that I invited her. After me asking him if he thought I was the kind of person who would invite four people to stay with me when I didn't know three of them, he just said he would take care of it.

She's furious at me and tells anyone who will listen that I embarrassed her in front of her friends, and she will never forgive me. Pretty sure I don't care, though. I just wanted to enjoy my extended weekend alone. So AITA for not letting uninvited guests ruin my extended alone weekend?

The internet hates in-laws.

Aethermist88 says:

NTA (Not the A**hole). Who invite themselves and their friends to someone else's house without asking for permission from the homeowner. She was way out of line, and she embarrassed herself.

bureaucratic_drift says:

NTA - you didn't embarrass her; she did that all by her entitled self.

Deckard916 says:

NTA - what kind of thought process is this? Sees chat post 'excited for alone time' and then proceeds to invite herself and three other rando - to you - people to your house to keep you company? F*CK NO.

OP, your SIL needs to go take a lesson on appropriate family behavior.

Sources: Reddit
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