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Woman gets revenge when ex-husband & new wife build 9 yo daughter a wooden back brace and force her to wear it. AITA? LEGAL UPDATE

Woman gets revenge when ex-husband & new wife build 9 yo daughter a wooden back brace and force her to wear it. AITA? LEGAL UPDATE


When this woman is absolutely horrified by her ex and ex's wife parenting of her daughter, she asks the internet:

"My ex husband and his new wife made my daughter a back brace out of wood and steel and forced her to wear it. AITA?"

My daughter is nine and we share custody by alternating weeks. My daughter says her back hurts now and her arm is tingling. I have a doctors appointment for her on Monday and in the meantime I am trying to remain calm.

I confronted my ex-husband about it and all her would say was one text message where he says his new wife didn't like how my daughter slouched at the dinner table.

They aren't doctors and there is nothing wrong with her that she needs a brace. I fg want to kill both of them. Is there a way I can get a quick court date or see a judge because I don't want her going back there. When we divorced it took a long time to figure out custody.

Edit: Sorry the location is the state of Florida. I'm so mad I'm having a hard time focusing.

Before we give you OP's update from 4 months later, let's take a look at some of the top responses:

mathmagic writes:

You need (like, need need) a family law attorney. Go directly to your phone and call one first thing in the morning. Do not file any motions; do not call anyone else; do not take any other Reddit advice; do not pass Go; do not collect $200.

Do not speak to your ex-husband or his wife again until this issue is resolved. All contact should be through your lawyer. If you receive any more communications, forward them to your lawyer.

Do not call CPS unless advised to do so by your lawyer. Do not post any more information on social media. Ask your lawyer what to do with the post(s) you've already made.

Do go to the doctor's appointment. Do get everything s/he tells you in writing. Do not give this information to anyone other than your lawyer.

witchy6 writes:

Get the doctor's opinion in writing and if it has caused visible damage to your daughter take that to a lawyer. It looks like right now it's a he said she said kind of thing- dad claims he thought it was helping, mom claims daughter is in pain, so you need medical proof to back yourself up.

danhine7 writes:

This is felony child abuse the child is permanently injured, he won't ever see this child again, believe it or not in most us states child abuse is not a felony unless u permanently disable a child, u can break their back and if they make a full recovery it is a simple misdemeanor...

unfortunately I had to learn this with my son, he came home beaten black and blue from legs to neck he was three, I lost count of the bruises at 52 and court ordered visits didn't stop with his mother for months, I got arrested three times for disobeying a court order but in the end I got custody and he hasn't seen that pos in 11 years.

kennethgrif writes:

All this over slouching at dinner? Psychos. And the fact he was given visitation again after the first time is wild. It should have been supervised for the next 2-3 years. A parenting class doesn’t change a person that quickly.

nessagefroma writes:

OP, if you read this, I want to give words of encouragement to your daughter concerning her shoulder and arm!

My shoulder was shattered at the joint, so was my collar bone and the should blade. My arm doesn't sit correctly in the socket anymore. I needed 4 surgeries, had to get several plates and screws in my shoulder and the outlook was - I'd never sit on a horse again, I'd never do sports again the way I used to.

Well, I can do anything I want to, today! I stayed on top with rehab, did all the practice, went all the miles with homeopathic treatment (sorry, don't know the word for the "bone crackers"). She'll get back on track and even though some things aren't as before, m injury and shoulder have never limited my love for my hobbies in any way.

I hope this Little girl's father gets karma on the way...

And now, OP's update 4 months later:

Firstly I would like to thank everyone for all the support in my first post and all the supportive PM's I received. It was really overwhelming (in a good way). A few people asked for an update so here it is.

So a lot has happened since I first posted. I called in to work while I was trying to get all this sorted. One of my co-workers has a cousin who is a lawyer and she knew someone who was able to help me and file the paperwork. My husband played dumb in court but his visits got reduced to supervised and he was ordered to take a parenting class.

My daughter went to physiotherapy. Eventually the court reinstated his visitation when he swore he had learned his lesson and was sorry and with his otherwise clean record the court agreed. I was against it but the court ruled against me.

I gave my daughter her own cell phone so she could call me whenever she needed to. On her second visit it happened again. This time the brace had steel and fabric instead of wood and they took her phone too.

The next night she left when they weren't looking and went up the street to a neighbor who is a police officer. The neighbor called paramedics and her co-workers. They had to cut the brace off my daughter.

My husband and his wife were arrested. They got out quickly but they have been charged and their infant is with CPS. My ex lost visitation and custody and I'm working on making it permanent.

Unfortunately my daughter's shoulder was dislocated from the brace. It set back her rehab and part of her arm is still numb and tingling. She needed surgery and is still recovering. She always played sports (especially at school) and did dance but the doctor thinks she won't ever be able to lift her arm all the way up again.

I hate my ex and he'll see her again over my fg dead body. Right now I'm focusing on my daughter while my lawyer takes care of things. That's my update.

Wow. What do YOU make of OP's story? Any advice for her?

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