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Woman starts crying after she catches fiancé's brother taking 'creepy' pics of her, brother accuses her of ruining the vibe.

Woman starts crying after she catches fiancé's brother taking 'creepy' pics of her, brother accuses her of ruining the vibe.


I ruined my fiancé's relationship with his family because I got tired of his brother harrassing me.

numberone_kalifan writes:

I (24F) am getting married to the love of my life, Mark (27M + fake name). His brother, James (23M + fake name), has had a crush on me since high school. I never liked him because he was really creepy, but I put up with him during family dinners and things like that.

James is a photographer, and he carries around his camera all the time. Mark, his family, and I went to a beach birthday party for his cousin. I just wanna point out that I’m kinda curvy in anything I wear. So, Mark and I went in the water, and James followed behind us. He also had his camera with him.

I thought it was creepy because I’ve been harassed by him enough. I asked Mark if we could get out of the water, and he said yeah. While I was walking to my beach chair, I heard the click of the camera going off. I turned around, and James was giddy, staring at the camera.

I was really fed up, so I just started crying. It was kinda embarrassing, but I was high in emotions. I screamed at James for a while and grabbed my sundress and put it on.

I went to the car and sat there for a while before Mark came and sat in the car with me. We went back home, and our phones were blowing up with a bunch of text messages from Mark’s family. We had to block some people and uninvite others. I feel like there were better ways to handle the situation rather than ruin Mark’s cousin’s party, but I don’t know. AITA?

I also need to include examples of James being creepy. In high school, he got suspended from school because he snuck into the girls' locker room. He would harass me over text a lot after I rejected him, and he makes inappropriate comments/jokes about me when no one is around. Also, the whole harassment thing kinda stopped once Mark and I got engaged, but the beach party started it back up again.

Here are some of the top comments from the post:

Philip_J_Fry3000 says:

Let me say this now, YOU (caps for emphasis) didn't ruin anything, his brother perving on you ruined the party. You and Mark simply removed yourselves from an uncomfortable situation. NTA (Not the A%#hole).

Soiree1999 says:

NTA. They should have addressed James’s creepy behavior years ago.

Odd-Elderberry-6137 says

NTA. James is a f%@king creep and families need to knock this sh#t off around protecting pervy creeps. All it does is encourage sh%@ty behavior.

Simple-Code-3229 says:

NTA. Shouldn't it be James that ruin his cousin's party for tailing and taking pics of his brother's fiance? Your reaction is understandable, OP, and I don't think there are better ways to handle James in your emotional condition, you are not the one to blame.

Rebelo86 says:

NTA. Given his history, I get why this was the final straw. You should include in the main body of the post the notes about him sneaking into the locker room and harassing you continuously in high school.

Girl, I don't know why you want to marry into this family, but good luck. I’d work on backing him down, though. Ignoring him obviously isn’t working, so embarrass the cr!p out of him loudly. Instead of screaming and leaving, you could have started loudly drawing attention to his behavior: “did you just take suggestive shots of me?

Is that why you’re laughing like a kid who just found porn for the first time? Delete the photos immediately and don’t take any of me ever again.” Be insistent and firm. Don’t back down and don’t break eye contact. Make it as childish and embarrassing for him as possible.

What do you think? Was OP wrong the one that "ruined" the beach party?

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