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Woman 'ruins' sister's wedding with an 'inappropriate' speech, 'it was a funny and innocent story.' AITA?

Woman 'ruins' sister's wedding with an 'inappropriate' speech, 'it was a funny and innocent story.' AITA?


"AITA for ruining my sister's wedding with an 'inappropriate' speech?"

I (28F) recently attended my sister's (30F) wedding, which was a beautiful and lavish event. Leading up to the wedding, my sister had been very stressed about the details and wanted everything to be perfect. I was honored when she asked me to be her maid of honor, and I took my responsibilities seriously, including writing a heartfelt speech.

The wedding day was going smoothly, and everyone seemed to be having a great time. When it was my turn to give the speech, I wanted to share some lighthearted and funny anecdotes about our childhood, as well as express my love and happiness for her and her new husband.

One of the stories I shared was about a family vacation where my sister accidentally fell into a pool while trying to impress a boy she had a crush on. It was a funny and innocent story that always made our family laugh. I also made a joke about how she used to be obsessed with boy bands and had posters all over her room, which I thought would be a cute and nostalgic memory.

However, my sister did not take it well. As I was speaking, I could see her face turning red, and by the end of the speech, she looked furious. She pulled me aside afterwards and yelled at me for "ruining her wedding" and "embarrassing her in front of everyone." She said my speech was inappropriate and made her look foolish.

I felt terrible and tried to apologize, but she was too upset to listen. Later, I heard from some relatives that they thought my speech was funny and light-hearted, but my sister has barely spoken to me since the wedding. My parents are on her side and think I should have kept my speech more formal and serious. So, AITA for giving an "inappropriate" speech at my sister's wedding?

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dramaandaheadache said:

I get the feeling that your FAMILY laughed at those stories... but you sister didn't. Just because YOU all just thought it was just so cute and funny doesn't mean your sister hasn't been humiliated by every single retelling of it. My relatives are the same way. And I don't talk to them anymore. YTA.

Chiron008 said:

YTA. Your speech should have been as beautiful and as lavish as the event and your sister; focused on the bond that you share together, how happy you are that she's found her person and how special their relationship is, and to wish them a spectacular future.

The fact that your post didn't mention any of the things that I mentioned makes me wonder just how effortless and shallow your speech actually was. The same old stories just don't cut it, especially if it's at the bride's expense.

MyLadyBits said:

YTA. A wedding speech is not a roast. You were more intent on being funny and special than actually caring about your sister.

No-Astronomer6148 said:

YTA, talking about the bride’s previous crushes/obsessions with boys AT HER WEDDING is obviously inappropriate.

Rowana133 said:

As someone who has a sister who CONSTANTLY tells embarrassing stories from my childhood, including at my wedding, YTA. Especially since you SAW HER getting upset and still didn't stop.

Fragrant-Duty-9015 said:

YTA childhood anecdotes about the bride should demonstrate positive qualities about her, not make fun of her especially related to other guys. I don’t see how any of that is heartfelt. I’m guessing you have some messed up family dynamics if you think this is ok. You owe her a massive apology and should do some serious reflection on how you and your family treat her.

Lucky-Technology-174 said:

YTA. That was just cruel, not funny.

FormerlyDK said:

YTA. Sounds more like a roast than a wedding speech. I’m sure you could have come up with some nicer stories about growing up together and what a special person she is. Things she could have felt proud to hear you say.

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