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AITA? Woman shuts down coworker's 'homeopathic' health tips,' 'Oregano?'

AITA? Woman shuts down coworker's 'homeopathic' health tips,' 'Oregano?'


"AITA for my reaction to a coworker's 'homeopathic' advice?"

I (F30) was running this weekend, tripped, lost a fight with this gnarly board that was laying on the sidewalk and sliced up my leg pretty good. Real smooth, I know. I went to the ER and they taped me up, gave me a tetanus shot and some antibiotics.

Today, my coworker noticed my bandaged leg and asked what happened. I told her the story. Side note, I am ALWAYS polite to this coworker, and she doesn't know I don't like her, but we have very different politics and views on things. I'm always cordial though.

Anyways, coworker was HORRIFIED to hear I was taking antibiotics, and started throwing out all these alternative treatments. I think she said oregano? My brain spoke without my filter activating and I was like "oh yeah and when I get the plague next I'll use bacon lard." She was really offended! Said she was just trying to help me and that antibiotics were poison. Hasn't spoken a word to me since.

I'm on my lunch break now. My wife says I'm in the right (she actually thinks it's hilarious and laughed at my debacle for a good minute or two) but my dad (I ask him for a lot of work advice) says I should really keep my mouth shut on these things, and that being rude could come back to bite me in the butt. AITA? Should I have just swallowed what she said and never mentioned it again?

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DJ_Too_Supreme_AITA said:

NTA. Only advice you need to accept is from a doctor. Mindsets like what your coworker has causes more harm than good. This one story that always sits with me was when a mom put a potato in her child's sock to help "treat" his sickness resulting in the child unfortunately passing. Basically, if the advice isn’t coming from a licensed doctor don’t listen to it.

dum--spiro--spero said:

NTA. She shouldn’t be giving you unprompted medical advice at all, much less actively harmful medical advice - that being said your dad isn’t wrong that being rude (even when justified) could potentially bite you in the butt (I don’t assume it’s likely to be a problem in this situation though).

whichwitch9 said:

NTA. Tolerating insane crap is why people are falling for snake oil. If someone says something ridiculous and unsolicited, then, yeah, they shouldn't be surprised when they get called out.

MaybeHughes said:

Your wife and dad are both right. Is it a little a-hoely? Sure. But so is someone who chides you for listening to your doctor. It's hilarious, but too much talk like that can cause HR headaches and awkward work environments. NTA.

Background-Cat-6596 said:

NTA, she isn't your doctor and shouldn't be giving you medical advice.

Ok-CANACHK said:

NTA she is dispensing unsolicited bad medical advice

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