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Woman 'snaps back' at friend's boyfriend over bikini comment on vacation; AITA?

Woman 'snaps back' at friend's boyfriend over bikini comment on vacation; AITA?


While a group trip always sounds like a good idea in theory, sometimes trapping many different personalities into an Airbnb and adding alcohol is a recipe for disaster...

So, when a conflicted woman decided to vent to the moral compass of the internet otherwise known as Reddit's 'Am I the As%hole' about her friend's boyfriend's cocky comment, petty people everywhere were dying for the details.

AITA for snapping back when my friend’s boyfriend commented on my bikini?

I (F29) am in a group holiday with my fiancé and three other couples. We are renting a big villa. This story concerns my friend Casey (30) and her boyfriend Josh (30).

For context, I don’t hate Josh, but he requires a firm approach. He will try his “brutal honesty” stuff on you to see if you’ll let him get away with it, but once you show him you won’t put up with it, he calms down. That said, he’s prone to some stupid remarks.

So, yesterday we were all having a relaxed day by the pool. I came out of the house in my bikini and Josh wolf whistled and said “damn I really chose the wrong friend” loud enough for everyone to hear.

Without missing a beat I turned to him and said “why are you acting like you had your pick of the litter? I would never have looked at you twice and you know it.'

Josh laughed off the comment and and went back to reading his book, but Casey pulled me inside and yelled at me for embarrassing her and Josh. She said what I said was demeaning and I basically called Josh ugly.

I was pretty stunned because actually I think what happened was Josh called me a piece of meat. We argued and I basically said that I wasn’t responsible for her boyfriend’s crass behavior and went back outside.

Casey is still giving me the cold shoulder, as well as the three people who told her she was overreacting. It’s making everything awkward.

I don’t think I’m in the wrong here but some of the group have said I was overly cutting with what I said, considering Josh was already out of line. Basically they said I joined him in the gutter.

My fiancé says both Casey and Josh are nut jobs. Am I the one who took it too far?

Here's what the jury of internet strangers had to say about this awkward vacation moment...

coppeliuseyes said:

NTA. Josh objectified you and insulted Casey. She took her insecurities out on you probably because you're a safer person to be mad with than he is.

JenAnt80 said:

I'm sorry, did your friend miss the part where her boyfriend called her less hot than you and implying that he would toss her aside for you?

She glossed over the diss at herself and prickled at the insult to him? How low is this woman's self-esteem? NTA. Josh left himself wide open for your response.

jrm1102 said:

NTA - You’re right. Josh publicly objectified you and you put him in his place.

Allaboutbird said:

NTA and it's weird that Casey is mad at you for putting her boyfriend in his place instead of mad at her boyfriend for not only objectifying her friend, but also basically saying he finds you more attractive and 'chose wrong.'

Legion27_1 said:

Totally NTA. He had it coming , given that his own damn gf was there, your bf was frickin there and he said it loud enough to be heard. You replying was actually the best case scenario. If either your bf or his gf were jealous, it could've ended way worse.

Open_Caterpillar2766 said:

NTA. I can't understand why Casey is directing her anger at you, but completely ignoring the fact her boyfriend basically said he thinks you are more sexy than her.

TalynRahl said:

NTA. She was already embarrassed by his (crass, unnecessary) statement, which was increased by your savage (hilarious, accurate) comeback. She couldn't/didn't want to take it out on him, so she's pouring it onto you instead.

The fact that three others are on your side and (seemingly) no one is on hers tells you everything you need to know.

Sorry Josh, you lost this one in a beautiful and unanimous vote.

Note to anyone thinking about making a 'joke' on a couples getaway where you're trapped in a villa...sometimes it's better to keep your moth shut. And if you're especially about to 'comment' on someone's body...definitely keep your mouth shut, Josh.

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