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Woman stole a cat from her teenage cousins then says 'she would do it again.'

Woman stole a cat from her teenage cousins then says 'she would do it again.'


Moving is always stressful. Nobody has ever moved and been like, 'that was fun.' Packing, cleaning, and unpacking are the worst things in the world. If you have a pet, they may have difficulty adjusting to a new home. Even worse is if you move to a place where pets aren't allowed. On a popular Reddit thread in the Am I the A**hole Subreddit, one woman deals with moving to an apartment that doesn't allow pets.

She writes:

I got my cat Pebbles from a humane society when she was two months old. She is now five years old and soon to be six. I love her with my whole heart.

In grandma we trust.

14 months ago, I had to move to an apartment that didn't allow pets in the contract. I had no choice but to re-home Pebbles and was heartbroken. But my grandma took her for me, so it wasn't so bad because I could visit Pebbles any time. She was safe in a house, all indoors, and well cared for.

Three months ago, grandma died, and of course, that was hard enough, but on TOP of that, Pebbles got grabbed without anyone consulting me and brought to my uncle and aunt's house to live. They put her outside with their other farm cats. I drove out on my day off to see her, and she was looking scared and bedraggled. But they insisted she was okay. I went home heartbroken and angry.

Recently I was able to move into a better pet-friendly apartment with a roommate. I asked if I could have Pebbles back, but my aunt said no, that my cousins (F15 & F18) have grown attached. So last week, during work hours, I took off on my lunch break, drove to the farm while they were at work and school, found Pebbles, put her in my car, and drove home to my new apartment.

It took them two days to even figure she was gone. Then, of course, my aunt called me and asked if I had taken Pebbles. I said yes. She started to yell, so I just said, 'she's MY cat, and I gave her to grandma for a while, not you, and then have Ng up.

I'm legally clear because I took Pebbles back to the vet. I took her to her whole life for a checkup, got her papers up to date, and microchipped her in my name. But my parents called me and told me they were disappointed in me, that it was immature to steal Pebbles and that the girls were heartbroken.

I'm sorry my cousins are sad. I would do it again. Pebbles is my cat, and they weren't taking care of her right. I never wanted to give her up anyway. If I'm the a**hole, that's fine.

People chimed in to say that it seems that the cat was not doing 'okay.'

PugRexia says:

NTA (Not the A**hole). Sounds more like you rescued your cat to me..

bellePunk says:

NTA Your cousins are not sad. They have multiple cats and didn't even notice Pebbles was missing, the adults are using this as an excuse to make you feel guilty. They weren't even taking good care of pebbles, why would you return your cat to people who stole it and didn't take proper care of it?

throwaway7381293027 says:

NTA. As you said, you temporarily gave her to grandma not them. They shouldn’t have taken Pebbles to begin with. If the cousins are attached that’s too bad. It’s been three months ffs. You and pebbles are more attached to each other. Don’t give her back to them. They can go f*ck themselves.

OP, you know what they say, 'you can't steal what's already yours.'

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