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Woman tries to honor grandfather but accidentally honors her step-great-grandfather.

Woman tries to honor grandfather but accidentally honors her step-great-grandfather.


My sister wanted to honor our late grandfather, but she gave a son a name that he would hate.

Flaky_Couple_1304 writes:

My sister wanted to honor our late grandpa in her son's name and chose to call her son Bobby, which is what pretty much everyone called our grandpa. She mentioned the character being so unique because it was his beloved great-grandpa's name and that it would be so special for our grandpa to have his name live on.

So here's the thing. Bobby was my grandpa's nickname, and he HATED it. His actual name was Cyrus, Grandpa's mom's maiden name. Grandpa was named that by her, and after she died and his dad remarried, they started to call him Bobby because his stepmother's dad was Robert.

Grandpa always hated Bobby, but after years of people refusing to listen, he gave in. A handful of friends called him Cyrus/Cy, but that was it.

I told my sister this, and she was upset and asked why he hated Bobby; Bobby is so cute. I asked her how she'd feel to be named after her late parent and for his surviving parent and stepparent to rename her after the stepparent's side then unofficially, but to the point where it sticks more than her actual name.

She was initially glad, but after a few weeks, she snapped and told me she didn't like Cyrus, and I ruined the name Bobby for her. AITA for telling her the truth?

Here are some of the top comments from the post:

moosa_jafri says:

NTA (Not the A%#hole). You told her the truth, and she can't handle it.

Ok-World-7366 says:

Cyrus is a cool name, so NTA.

Wandering_aimlessly9 says:

NTA. It wasn’t his name, and he hated it. She’s named her son after her stepmom’s dad. While it stings right now, deep down, she will appreciate it.

What do you think? Should OP have kept that to herself, or was she right to inform her sister about the history of the name she chose?

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