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Woman tells sister she isn't as 'desirable' as her, 'that's why good men don't want her.' AITA?

Woman tells sister she isn't as 'desirable' as her, 'that's why good men don't want her.' AITA?


"AITA for telling my sister that she isn’t as desirable as me and that’s why good men don’t want her?"

My sister is difficult. Ever since we were children she’s always been very demanding, and expected everything to go her way. We are a year apart, I’m 29f she’s 30f.

She got pregnant by her high school boyfriend, and never got a job or education. She was convinced she was going to have a traditional life, working husband and she would stay home with the kids. Except the two of them fought all the time and couldn’t stay together. She now has three kids, two with him, one with her most recent ex boyfriend.

She lives with and mooches off our parents, who are desperate to get rid of her. They want her to move in with me into the home I own, I work as a hospice nurse practitioner.

She’s trying to find a new man, and she rants to me and my boyfriend about how no good men want her. My boyfriend is a saint, he tries too hard to be nice to everyone, but I’m tired of her sh$t.

Last night she went off about how good guys are always hitting on me, like how our cousin's engineer friend asked for my number at a family party. She said she’s a catch, better than any of these sleezy guys she attracts deserves, and how hot successful men should be into her, not just broke guys with multiple baby mamas.

I kinda wanted to shut her up for good, I’m tired of hearing her trashy rants all the time. I know she’s family so she needs a reality check. I told her she has no job, no education, and she’s got three kids by two different men. I said that these "good" men show interest in me because I’m successful and have a put together life.

Most of the good men she’s after aren’t going to want her, so she either needs to get a job and an education or just lower her standards. She’s pissed. Our dad and brother are on my side, but my boyfriend and mom think I should’ve just kept my mouth shut to keep her from being mad. AITA?

Here's what top commenters had to say about this one:

Ok-Homework-582 said:

NTA she doesn’t want a broke guy with multiple baby mamas but she’s a broke girl with multiple baby daddies.

Pepper_Pfieffer said:

NTA To summarize-they all agree with you but mom and your boyfriend are too cowardly to admit it publicly.

changelingcd said:

NTA. Never let her move in with you. Change cities if necessary.

blueberryxxoo said:

NTA. Someone needs to talk some sense into her. She should be prioritizing building a life...getting a good job and/or getting an education. Your parents are kind enough to help her and she should take advantage of that and make a plan to better herself.

If she had a solid plan they might not be so desperate to get her out (maybe they would but it's easier to help someone who's actually trying). It's sad that her focus is on a man and not on herself and building a life and SOMEONE has to tell her the truth. Good for you!

Cybermagetx said:

Nta. Her choices and attitudes cause her to not be desirable by what she calls good men. She needs to step up as a mom, better her life for herself and her kids, and then maybe "good" men will try with her. What she wants is someone to take care of her and her 3 kids.

NoOutlandishness5753 said:

NTA, you did what you had to do. You delivered a harsh truth that she needs to hear. Maybe she’ll reflect on her life and make a change.

Everyone was on OP's side for this one. What's your advice for these sisters?

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