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Woman tells sister she's 'more annoying' than her kids could ever be on trip; AITA?

Woman tells sister she's 'more annoying' than her kids could ever be on trip; AITA?


While vacations are meant to be relaxing getaways, traveling with siblings, kids, and years of unresolved conflicts is always a risky move...

So, when a conflicted woman decided to consult the moral compass of the internet otherwise known as Reddit's 'Am I the As$hole' about whether or not she was wrong to be honest with her sister on vacation, people were ready to help deem a verdict.

AITA (Am I the As%hole) for telling my sister she's more annoying than my kids collectively could ever be no matter how hard they tried?

My parents wanted to take a family vacation over the summer and offered to subsidize everyone's tickets, paying half for everyone.

My sister was a pill about the trip from the very beginning, but we were still really excited to go.

Once there, we all tried to have a great time, but my sister was demanding and entitled the entire time.

She was constantly asking me to go to adults-only activities with her when I either already had plans or didn't think they sounded fun.

Every time I turned her down she acted like I'd committed a grievous slight against her.

My sister wanted my husband and I, or just me, to go to a bar with her every night. That didn't sound fun to us, but we did agree we would go with her one night.

The night we went to the bar we got there a little after seven. Just before nine we both agreed we were tired and wanted to head back upstairs.

My sister was upset and said we promised to hang out with her. We said we did, but now we are tired.

She said that was bullsh$t. She then griped that she didn't even know why she came on the trip.

Out of annoyance I said I didn't either, because she seemed determined not to have fun. She said we were abandoning her to go check on our annoying kids.

I snapped at her and said my kids collectively could never be as annoying as her no matter how hard they tried. She said I was the world's worst sister and stormed off.

She refused to do a family excursion the next day that was already paid for and spent the rest of the trip moping.

My mom wants me to apologize, and even my husband says I went from zero to sixty.

My dad says she will get over it if I just ignore her. I don't know if I owe her an apology or not.

Here's what the jury of internet strangers had to say about this one:

stormy2587 said:

NTA. A grown woman insulted her own nieces and/or nephews and wants an apology? Honestly f-ck her. Yeah maybe you could have taken the high road but this woman sounds intolerable.

The fact that she went on a FAMILY vacation with her presumably fairly old parents and her nieces/nephews and thought the trip could revolve around adult activities that really only she enjoys is beyond me.

If she had something more interesting than just going to a bar in mind and was more fun herself then yeah maybe get the grandparents to watch the kids 1 or 2 nights do something adult.

But if you go on a family vacation with older people and children you should expect the majority of activities to revolve around things everyone can participate in.

slow_poke00 said:

ESH but mainly you. Your sister was a pill? You turned down almost every invite from her and only went to the bar once for 2 hours. I bet she’s gone to countless boring kid events over the years to help you with your kids too.

blueavole said:

ESH- your sister was a brat but you sound insufferable too. Sit down and talk to your sister. She wants to spend some time with you as an adult but you made everything about your kids.

She made everything about being an adult and forgot you have kids. You were both a little wrong. Even your husband said you went from 0-60 really fast. Try communicating expectations next time and have some things that everyone can enjoy.

chemknife said:

YTA and a crappy sister you can be an individual as well as a wife and mother. Yes she handled her frustrations the wrong way but damn you speak about her like she's unworthy of your time because your lives are different.

greenlun said:

ESH. If I was dying to hang out with my sister on vacation and she only gave me two hours I would understand but be crushed. It doesn't sound like you actually wanted to hang out with her.

Viewfromthe31stfloor said:

NTA - but would it have taken much effort to spend one on one time with her? She may have wanted some company with you.

ik101 said:

YTA this sounds like a vacation from hell, don’t be surprised if she stops spending time with you.

Phoenix-Merida said:

NTA. Worst sister ever? That sounds like something a 6year old would say. You don't owe her an apology. You're not required to hang around with her.

She didn't pay your ticket, you did, and your parents did. You're not even required to talk to her. She chose to act like an entitled brat. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

So, there you have it...

The opinions were fairly divided for this one, but most people felt that this mom and her sister were both to blame for 'ruining' this family trip. It takes two to tango, and two sisters to insult each other over a vacation schedule.

Sources: Reddit
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