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Woman gets exposed for trying to steal credit for the gift her kids got her husband.

Woman gets exposed for trying to steal credit for the gift her kids got her husband.


My wife tried to take credit for my children's thoughtful gift that they spent their own money on, but I wouldn't let her.

Anxious-Editor-6056 writes:

We just had people over to the house for my 45th birthday. I managed to make it into my thirties without getting married, and then I met my wife (29). She is perfect for me. She is the most beautiful woman I have ever met, and she is so much smarter than me; it is embarrassing sometimes.

She is amazing, but she has one weird hang-up: She thinks some of my hobbies are immature. Which is fine. She can be the mature one in our relationship.

We have two kids, aged 7 and 5. I never thought I wanted kids, but now I know I couldn't live without them. They wanted to get me a present for my big birthday, so we went to Toys R Us and got me a sweet Lego set. Then I helped them wrap it up so I could open it at our party.

All the guys were jealous of my new Lego set. I got some nice golf stuff and some very nice bourbon, but all the guys could talk about was my new Millennium Falcon.

My wife, for some reason, decided to take the credit from the kids. She was telling everyone how she got it for me because I'm such a little boy at heart. Our kids heard her and were confused because they knew she wasn't involved at all. They were telling everyone how they took me to the store to find something I would love. They even put in some of their own money ($10 each) to buy my gift.

When guys asked me about it, I told the truth that my kids and I had bought it and that my gift from my wife was new golf clubs. She is upset that the gift she got me wasn't the one everyone thought was the best. She said I should have made it clear that the gift was from the family and not just from the kids.

I told her that her gift was amazing and that I would be using the golf clubs for years, and that I appreciated her getting me something so useful. But I also said that the kids had chosen to get me a toy, and she shouldn't try to take credit for it.

She says that I didn't have to exclude her from the toy shopping and that I didn't need to tell people she wasn't involved in buying me my "toy." I didn't. She has told me in the past that it embarrasses her that I play with toys.

Here are the top comments from the post:

NumbersGuy22 says:

OP she looked a lot worse lying about taking the credit from the kids than keeping quiet about it. This is why she's more upset about the situation and blaming you for admitting the truth than admitting she screwed up. Especially since the kids spoke up and were telling everyone and you stuck up for them by telling the truth.

Ousmousse says:

NTA (Not the A%#hole). If your wife didn't want the truth to come out in detail, she should have kept her mouth shut and not spent the evening explaining how she chose this gift. It sounds like she finds your hobby immature, but she will maybe change her mind because other people have shown an interest.

RaineMist says:

NTA. Your wife is weirdly jealous that your kids helped pick out a present for you. You didn't "exclude" her, she just wasn't there.

What do you think? Should OP have let his wife take credit for the gift, or was he right to stick up for his kids and tell everyone his wife was lying?

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