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Woman walks out of Christmas dinner because MIL didn't cook the dish she wanted. AITA?

Woman walks out of Christmas dinner because MIL didn't cook the dish she wanted. AITA?


Christmas is a time when most people will do whatever it takes to be with family. Whether going across the country, dealing with an annoying cousin, or cooking food, you don't want to cook. It's a special time of year meant to be cherished by e ones you love.

Except for forparticularne family on Reddit that posted on the Am I the A**hole Subreddit, where a woman asks if she was right to walk out of her in-laws on Christmas because they didn't make her the food she requested.

I got invited to my fiance's family Christmas celebratory dinner. It's my first Christmas with them. I have always been picky about what I eat. I can't help it; it has to do with psychological factors, childhood, and personal likes and dislikes.

Before accepting their invitation, I let MIL know that I wouldn't be eating the traditional food at their celebration and showed her various dishes to accommodate me. She refused and told me to bring my dish. I said if I had to cook my own dish as a guest, I better stay home.

We went back and forth, and I insisted I wouldn't come if accommodations weren't being made. My fiance agreed that I should bring my dish, but I didn't. I just thought it was a simple request, and MIL could've decided if she wanted me there.

When we arrived there, and I saw that no accommodations were made, I got up, got my things, walked out, and went home. My MIL and fiance were shocked. I got tons of calls and texts from them both and my fiance came home lashing out, calling me selfish and spoiled to walk out like that over a dish that his mom didn't have to make for me.

He said that it was my responsibility to feed myself. How is it my responsibility to provide for myself when I'm a guest? I told him this, and he accused me of starting sh*t, ruining my first Christmas with his family, and disrespecting his mom. Now he's continuously saying I f*$#@d up and should've sucked it up for the family's sake.

DecayedMagnolia says:

YTA (You're the A**hole) from one picky eater to another. I went to a Christmas dinner with my mom's family. There was nothing I wanted, so I just socialized and ate when I got home. Why should she have to make a whole new dish just for you? That is pretty entitled behavior.

MaybeAWalrus says:

Let me recap. You DEMANDED some food was made to your liking, and when people told you 'no,' instead of cooking food for yourself, you caused a scene ?! Yeah, YTA. If you have things you don't like to eat, it's YOUR problem. You are not a child anymore. Start acting like an adult.

OrangeCubit says:

YTA - they did offer to accommodate you, by allowing you to bring your own dish.

OP adds:

ETA to clear a few points:

  • For those saying I have no respect for my in-laws. I do, especially my MIL. I respect her, but this is, so far, the most significant conflict we have had.

  • I work long hours, even on holidays, so I do not have much time to cook.

  • I wasn't asking for an elaborate dish or several dishes—just a straightforward option.

People with dietary restrictions (me) will be the first to tell you that you shouldn't expect anyone to feed you when you go into their home.

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