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Woman wears bikini on family vacation after postpartum sister asks her not to. AITA?

Woman wears bikini on family vacation after postpartum sister asks her not to. AITA?


Not wanting to wear a bikini at the beach, especially after giving birth, is completely understandable, but what about not wanting to be around a bikini in general?

So, when a conflicted woman decided to consult the moral compass of the internet otherwise known as Reddit's "Am I the A@$&ole" about her sister's request for no bikinis on the family trip, people were ready to weigh in.

"AITA for wearing a bikini even though my sister just had a baby?"

Basically the title. I (26F) am on a family vacation (parents, sister Rachel (30), her son (1), her husband Adam (31), and my husband and our daughter (2)). We are by the sea and yesterday was the first time we’d be going to a beach club.

My sister asked me not to wear a bikini or anything revealing because she said both she and Adam are not feeling the best about her postpartum body and she really doesn’t want to bring the topic up.

I said I was sorry she feels that way but I wasn’t going to spend a day roasting under an umbrella, unable to swim or enjoy myself. I said tons of women would be in bikinis so I didn’t see why I made a difference.

We went to the beach and Rachel was a wreck all day, and refuse to come with us to the beach today. My parents are now saying I’m the AH for not just wearing a cover up that you can still swim in and that if I keep wearing swimwear it’s going to ruin the trip. AITA?

Here's what the jury of internet strangers had to say about this family vacation drama...

Allaboutbird said:

NTA. I'm sorry, her HUSBAND is not feeling the best about her post-partum body? Your bikini is not the cause of her being a 'wreck.' Her own insecurity (which her husband is likely contributing to) is. This is a garbage situation but you're not responsible for it.

WZAWZDB13 said:

At least nobody will lose Adam at the beach with him waving that giant red flag. NTA.

Oldassrollerskater said:

NTA. “She and Adam are not feeling the best about her body.' Her husband is the AH. That dude said something about your body that made her feel shitty. I guarantee it.

Mother-Efficiency391 said:

NTA and she didn't 'just' have a baby if he's already a year old. I have 3 kids and I know it can take longer than that to get back to feeling comfortable in your own skin but this is a her problem not a you problem.

The fact that her husband has a problem with her new body is more telling than anything else though.

KittKatt7179 said:

NTA. What does you wearing a bikini have to do with her? Is she going to ask the rest of the people at the beach to swim in pants and tee shirts? Or maybe have all the women on the beach wear burkas.

That way, they are covered from head to toe, and you cannot see them at all. Why are they focused on how you look? That is ridiculous, and your family needs to stop playing into that madness.

Pale_Cranberry1502 said:

NTA. Like you said, other women and girls will be wearing bikinis and that will trigger her too. The real AH is Adam, if he's also having issues with her post-partum body. She carried his kid! Shame on him.

Brilliant-Wishbone90 said:

NTA. Her husband is the biggest ashole, and she comes in second. Why does he not feel the best about her body? I can have some sympathy for Rachel, but Adam? I don’t get it.

The reviews are in: Adam is the worst. Honestly, Adam is much more offensive to have around on the beach than a bikini.

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