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Woman wears dress to friend's courthouse wedding, 'her mom kept shooting me nasty looks.' AITA?

Woman wears dress to friend's courthouse wedding, 'her mom kept shooting me nasty looks.' AITA?


"AITA for wearing a dress to my friend's courthouse wedding?"

My good friend Jill, and her now husband did a small courthouse wedding last Thursday, with just close family and friends for a total of around ~15 people. Leading up to the wedding of course I asked her about the dress code, to which she responded "Whatever you want! I don't really care.

Though I'd say along the lines of business casual." Jill wore a full-on white wedding dress with a veil, and her husband a tux.

The wedding took place around 6pm, so I decided I'd just wear whatever I'd wear to work that day since I was heading over right afterwards. It was a plum-colored work dress and black pumps. I'm not sure if we're allowed to post external links, but it should come up if you Google "Petite Square Neck Sheath Dress."

The issue was when both Jill and her mother saw me. Jill looked annoyed and her mom pulled a face, and said "Wow, you're wearing that?" But then they both quickly dropped the subject and Jill hugged me and left me wondering if I just imagined their cold reaction.

What I'm really confused about is that I wasn't the only female friend wearing a dress. In fact, mine was the more modest of the bunch. One girl wore a mini-skirt and another wore a pretty fancy black cocktail dress.

Also, I work in a corporate setting so I'm expected to look nice and put-together, but modest (e.g., no shoulders, no low cuts, nothing above the knee), so it's not like my dress could be called inappropriate by any means.

Anyway, her mom kept shooting me nasty looks throughout the night, though she never said anything outright again. I'm just so confused at what happened. Maybe it's because I don't normally wear dresses around my friends?

They're used to seeing me in more jeans and sweaters. But then I have no idea what was up with her mom. I feel really crazy, especially given other guests were also dressed nicely!

Here's what top commenters had to say about this one:

litt3lli0n said:

So she told you business casual and you came from work in your corporate job where you wore a business casual dress...I'm having a hard time figuring out exactly what Jill and her mom are mad about...NTA.

It sounds like they have some bee in their bonnet and just expect you to telepathically understand the issue. I'd flat out just ask them because otherwise they're making up things that no one else seems to be aware of!

NoImagination7892 said:

I have absolutely no idea what was wrong with that dress. It seems perfectly appropriate for almost any occasion. NTA.

Top-Bit85 said:

NTA. You probably just looked very attractive in your dress, and that was a threat in some way? Strange behavior.

nylonvest said:

NTA, this is more just a confusing mystery than a question. She said wear whatever you wanted, so you did, and then you got this rather strong negative reaction.

I will credit Jill that she dropped it almost immediately and hugged you and didn't let it bug her but her mom, wtf? Maybe it doesn't matter, do you even need to ever see her mom again?

You could ask because you might like to know wtf was going on? But then again maybe don't ask, because it invites her to comment on what you were wearing when she SAID to wear whatever you wanted.

Dlodancer said:

NTA, let me guess…. You have a nice figure? A sheath dress is perfectly acceptable. But if you have a nice body, maybe that’s why “mom” was giving you the stink eye.

SeparateDisaster2068 said:

NTA…I think she may be jealous of you (she must think you have shown her up in some way, perhaps she feels you are more beautiful than her?)

Everyone was on OP's side for this one, but sensed some jealousy. What's your advice for these friends?

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