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Bride tells sister to wear white to her wedding then changes her mind a week before.

Bride tells sister to wear white to her wedding then changes her mind a week before.


Wearing white to a wedding is a faux pas. Unless the bride tells you to wear white, then you absolutely must. On a popular Reddit thread in the Am I the A**hole Subreddit, a woman wears white to her sister's wedding and receives a lot of backlash.

AITA For wearing a White Dress to my Sister’s Wedding?

Congrats to your sister!

I (28F) was invited to my sister’s (32F) wedding on October 4th, 2022. For months my sister planned for her wedding, and about four months before the wedding, she let us know her maid of honor, bridesmaids, and all other things to do with guest roles, etc. Well, I was one of her bridesmaids.

She'll regret that request.

My sister didn’t want to buy all of the bridesmaid's dresses as she wanted us to contrast and feel comfortable in our dresses, but one thing she let us know was that the bridesmaids were to wear WHITE dresses.

Can someone convert that into USD for me?

A few weeks later, I went bridesmaid dress shopping. I care about my sister, so I put a lot of thought and time into choosing my dress, hoping it would be okay for her wedding. I found this beautiful lace corset, a long white dress. This dress was EXPENSIVE, around £1500, and the boutique had a no-return policy unless the clothing was broken or ripped. Meaning once I had bought it, I couldn’t return it.

It's almost like they knew something was coming.

So, I decided to be intelligent and have my sister come to the boutique to see me in the dress the next day. My sister was delighted. She exclaimed she LOVED the dress and it was perfect for her wedding. She insisted that I should buy it. So, I bought it for £1500. I was the first bridesmaid to get their dress. All of my sister's friends seemed almost a little too laid back.

A bad time to make that choice.

A week before the wedding, I woke up to texts and calls from my sister, friends, and family. I open my sister's texts and see. “Change of plan; I do not want bridesmaids wearing white. White is for the bride, and all the other bridesmaids are now wearing teal. Please buy another dress; thanks xx.”

Does your sister know that dress money doesn't grow on trees?

My heart sank; I did not have enough money to buy another dress after the money I spent on that dress. I let my sister and family know this and attended the wedding, but everyone gave me dirty looks and stares, especially the groom. My sister was infuriated with me afterward, and my entire family ignored me. So, AITA?

Certified_freshk says:

NTA (Not the A**hole)! The entire 'only the bride wears white' goes out the window when the bride explicitly states that you should buy the white dress for her wedding.
Your sister sucks though. 1500£ is a lot of money. If she wants you to wear a teal dress, that's fine, as long as she reimburses you for the white one.

HunterDangerous1366 says:


First, it's utterly suspicious that no one had their dresses and seemed laid back because they knew teal was the color, not white, from the beginning, not one week beforehand. Like teal (in my mind) is a summer color, where is everyone getting a teal dress at a week's notice - delivery, fit, etc.?

Your sister was setting you up to fail here. After okaying it and seeing it on, she watched you drop £1500 on a dress. I think she didn't want you at her wedding party. Maybe you looked too good in the dress? Perhaps she was jealous of said dress? Who knows, but she did you dirty here.

I'd rather not speak to people who think that this is acceptable.

Terrible-Librarian28 says:

NTA. Wow. Her text is oddly casual knowing that you spent that much on a white dress already. But also never spend that much on a bridesmaid's dress! None of her friends were going to spend nearly that much.

OP, you're not in the wrong at all! Next time a bride tells you to wear white to a wedding, say 'no' and wear teal instead!

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