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Woman asks if she was wrong to freak out about male coworker buying her period pads.

Woman asks if she was wrong to freak out about male coworker buying her period pads.


When you give a coworker a gift it's usually like a Starbucks gift card or an extra stale donut from the breakroom. Anything more personal is just a little bit creepy.

Reddit user Agreeable-Camel70 thinks her male coworker crossed the line by giving her unsolicited feminine hygiene products. Is he sweet or psychotic? You be the judge.

This woman is asking the internet, 'AITA (Am I The A**hole) for freaking out when my male coworker brought me pads for my period?'

She writes:

I will keep it short. I work as a waitress in a restaurant with a bunch of other people including the co-worker I'm talking about (Let's call him Josh) Now, Josh is a very sweet guy, not going to lie, but I'm not sure that what he did was right even if he considered it sweet or maybe I'm just overreacting? I don't know.

What happened is when my shift was over, he called me to meet him before I get off and left, he told me that he knows that my period is very soon, and I don't have a boyfriend anymore and I don't get paid enough so he brought me pads, chocolate, and mac & cheese.

I was puzzled because how could he know when my period would come, he said that he asked my female friend (who's also our co-worker) who told him that I told her that my menstrual cycle is consistant, and she helped him know when and how physically hard it is on my body.

I kind of freaked out, I put the bag on the table where he can see it and I left as quickly as I could. It's been several hours after this and I'm kind of ghosting him at the moment, but I don't know if this decision is right. I just, this didn't happen to me before, did I overreact?

I told my friend what happened and she said that I might have overreacted because what he did was sweet. Hmm...AITA?

Creepy or cute? Reddit users agreed this is some cringe-worthy behavior on the part of the male coworker. It's not only crossing boundaries at work but in the early stages of their friendship, as well. Even if he was just trying to be nice, why buy her things for her period? Why would her friend disclose that personal information to him? Why? Why? Why?

I can't begin to describe how freaked out I would be if I were in OP's shoes (or pads.) Someone needs to alert this dude that the way to a woman's heart is not through her menstrual cycle. When in doubt, just give us cash.

Seriously though, Reddit users obviously deemed this woman 'Not The A**hole' for rejecting this stalkerish behavior. They did not hold back their opinions on this bizarre workplace encounter:


NTA. A random colleague is tracking your menstrual cycle. Sis, that’s weird as fuck. I’d be super creeped out for sure. Being generous he’s got some deep issues about knowing what’s socially acceptable or not.


NTA. He knows your cycle. He asked your coworker (who’s also creepy) about it. At best, he’s nice but totally socially clueless. At worse, I don’t even know. This is weird as f*ck.


NTA This is such a colossal overreach. Like, he's trying to establish some weird intimacy with menstrual products. I'm shuddering.


NTA. VERY sweet intentions (hopefully) but asking your female coworker about your menstrual cycle is creepy AF. And wtf your female coworker telling him?!


NGL, that’s sending up a ton of creepy marinara flags to me right now. Like, what makes him think he has any right to be involved in ANY part of something as intimate as your menstruation??? NTA


NTA. CREEPY AS SHIT. I would never talk to this person again. Like, can you get a new job?


Your female friend is the AH for discussing such personal matters with the dude. Also the guy is kinda sweet but creepy... sweepy. Maybe he's just trying to be helpful cause he likes you. Anyways, guys can be clueless sometimes so just tell him it made you uncomfy.


oh f*ck no, that is fucking creepy and weird. At the beginning i thought it was just you getting your period and someone giving you a pad and was like, 'that's not bad' and then i read the post. Holy shit. stay away from him. its not sweet. it has creepy stalker vibes. NTA


NTA. While this dude may have decent intentions. That shit is just weird to ask a co-worker about another co-worker's cycle. Then to get pads for just that. No monistat? Jk. Really weird. He's clearly into you and this was his way of being thoughtful but it's creepy.


NOT where I was expecting this post to go. Holy cow, that’s put the lotion in the basket kind of creepy. NTA.


Wow. Ummm. I found this to be extremely intrusive and creepy. It's not like you were at work and your period came, and no one else but him was able to go out and get you pads. This is a lot like stalking, really. And he used your friends for it. It's a big intrusion of privacy. That is not a friend, that is some friend-zone weirdo not honoring your boundaries. NTA.

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