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Woman's fiancé says she has to return Halloween costume because it's 'too revealing'.

Woman's fiancé says she has to return Halloween costume because it's 'too revealing'.


Dressing up for Halloween is fun! It's the one time of year when people can dress however they want under the guise of it being a 'costume' (unless it's racist of course). On a popular Reddit thread in the Am I the A**hole Subreddit, a woman finds out her fiancé is not cool with her Halloween costume choice.

Baggy T-shirts are in style right now.

I (23F) have been in a rather healthy relationship for the past four years with my fiancé (25M). So surface-level things like appearance have never been a problem until now. I have a problem with my self-image, and I never dress to show skin. Baggy T-shirts and sweatpants are my go-to.

Therapy is magic.

Therapy has helped me through a lot of barriers regarding getting over not liking my body. This year for Halloween, we are going on a bar crawl, so I decided to step out of my contort zone and buy something that I normally wouldn’t wear.

A slay on Halloween and the Renaissance Fair.

The costume is renaissance based, so I have a long cream dress and a bodice that wraps around my waist, enhancing my chest area. I have never worn anything like this, so it’s a huge step!

OP is doing hot girl sh*t.

Two days ago, I got my costume through the mail, so naturally, I had to try it on to see if it looked fine and if all the pieces fit. For once, I thought I looked beautiful like I could have been born during the era. Relieved, I ran upstairs to my fiancé.

OP's fiance is not on his hot boy sh*t.

The look on his face was devastating to my self-esteem, and what he said after completely caught me off guard. He told me that I looked like I was trying too hard and that I needed to cover up more if he was going to go out in public with me.

I cried and quickly left the room to change out of my costume. I didn’t understand, and I was very angry since this had never been a problem before.

After I had taken it off, my fiancé comes downstairs and pressed that I return the costume and buy a new one. Flabbergasted in disbelief, I immediately said no and that I would be wearing it Halloween night. After a couple of minutes of arguing, I put my foot down and told him I was sticking with this costume if he didn’t like it, then he didn’t have to join me on Halloween.

He stormed off pissed and hasn’t talked to me. So Am I the A**hole for refusing to change my Halloween costume?

sweetpotatopietime says:

NTA (Not the A**hole). Think about why he wants you to cover up. So no other guys look at you? So your self-esteem stays low, and he can make you believe nobody else will ever want you? Because he is a prude? None of these say great things about him. I'm trying to think of a fourth benign reason but can't come up with one.

MargaretMV says:​​​​​​


Your boyfriend seems controlling and it makes me wonder if your relationship is in fact all that healthy. You're making gains in your self-esteem and body image, and he seems to be doing his best to sabotage that progress.

Why do you think he reacted like that? Is it prudishness? Or is it that he thinks his relationship with you gives him the right to dictate what you wear? Because it doesn't - it's your body, and he's being ridiculous. It's a Halloween costume; it's not as though you're planning to go to church in a leather corsets and suspenders.

I suggest you try to have a calm conversation with him to work out exactly what his problem is because his behavior is blinking big red warning signs.

Momster_RaWr says:

NTA. You rock that costume! You're going to look amazing, and he can get over it. He's trying to keep your self-esteem low, and don't let him. That's toxic and sh*tty, and you don't deserve that.

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