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'My fiancée said I'm not good at the intimate parts of our relationship so I canceled the wedding, am I wrong?'

'My fiancée said I'm not good at the intimate parts of our relationship so I canceled the wedding, am I wrong?'


My fiancée said I'm not the greatest in bed so I called off our engagment.

AstronomerFuturea says:

I (27M) have been engaged to my fiancée Amy (26F) for a year, and we were in a relationship for 5 years. We were due to be married this August. Now, I am also friends with Kiley (26F). We have been friends for a very long time, pretty much since we were babies, and we’re almost like siblings at this point because her mother and my mother were best friends since they were in high school.

Anyways, Kiley is part of the same tight-knit friend group as Amy. I always try to ask Kiley what Amy says about me because I know women like to discuss their boyfriends with their friend group. Kiley is usually tight-lipped, but if she does say anything, she always says how Amy loves me a lot and how Amy is so excited about marriage.

Last month, I hung out with Kiley and her boyfriend at their house. Amy and I usually hang out with them for dinners, but Amy had gone out of town for a couple of days. Anyways, we all got pretty drunk and were laughing a lot, and I was begging Kiley to tell me one bad thing Amy has told about me to her friends.

After a lot of pleading, Kiley finally said that one thing Amy had joked about was how she had better before, and I was not the greatest at satisfying her but she was with me for the complete package because she doesn’t care about intimatcy too much. I was drunk then, so I just laughed it off, but I felt somewhat stung.

The next day, when I got sober, I felt extremely stung. I thought about it a lot, and when Amy came back from her vacation, I asked her about it casually. She initially denied it and said we always have amazing times together, and she’s always satisfied.

I told her it really wouldn’t hurt me if she told me the truth, and marriage was built on honesty, so I asked her again a couple of times. Amy finally admitted that she did, in fact, say that I was not the best at doing it to her friend group, but she was just joking about it because I had so many other great qualities she wanted to highlight.

I laughed it off initially, but it stung me even more. I couldn’t hide my mood the next couple of days. I felt sad and felt like s^#t. Amy apologized a lot and said she did not mean what she said.

A couple of days later, I told Amy I could no longer be with her because what she told her friend group hurt me too much. I informed everyone over the next week that I was calling off the wedding.

Amy was distraught and tried to convince me multiple times and apologized a lot. But I was too mentally downtrodden. Was I wrong for calling off the engagement and breaking up with Amy?

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IAS316 says:

I too get annoyed when the bullet I shoot at my foot, hurts my damn foot.

dondegroovily says:

"I told her it wouldn't hurt me if she told the truth and that marriage was built on honesty " Or maybe not.

AldusPrime says:

Does it seem weird to anyone else that the OP is begging his friend to tell him bad things his fiancee is saying about him? I'm just trying to imagine that happening in real life. If I thought my fiancee (now wife) had been saying bad things about me behind my back, I wouldn't have married her. This whole thing seems super weird.

angry_dingo says:

Yes. You drunkenly kept pushing to hear bad news, then acted like a hurt child when you received what you wanted.

kamanth says:

Bit of a crazy idea here but you could of instead, I dunno, maybe asked your fiancee what you could do together to improve.

What do you think? Is OP wrong to call off his engagment?

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