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People share the most obvious ways to spot an American abroad. It's weirdly sweet.

People share the most obvious ways to spot an American abroad. It's weirdly sweet.


Growing up in America the last thirty-some years, we've been conditioned to aviod the 'ugly American' stereotype when abroad. Well, it turns out we've done it. At least according to one viral Reddit thread — in which people listed the 'obvious signs someone's American' — it looks like we've successfully convinced them all that we're just adorably loud and friendly. Great job, fellow patriots.

1. From Ted_Dance_Son:

In Salzburg I went to grab something from the drug store. As I was checking out I said hello to the cashier (thinking there was very little difference between how I said it and how Austrians say it). She immediately started speaking to me in English and I asked her how she knew I spoke English.

She deadpan stared me in the eye and goes 'hellloooo'. I just about died laughing since I'm a very stereotypical friendly American that says hello exactly like that. One of my favorite memories from that trip.

2. From MagazineOk6401:

An Italian told me that Americans walk confidently in the wrong direction.

3. From gianna_in_hell_as:

They want ice in their water

4. From vorifo2709:

‘Hey, how are ya?’

5. From Geno_Whirl:

'How's your day going?' or 'how are you doing?' in completely random circumstances

6. From Aterakel:

I worked as a cashier in a touristic place in Paris, I always recognised Americans because they were kinda friendly to me and they always left tips

7. From Caozpox:

Incredibly loud but incredibly friendly.

8. From Vkazioa:

The gentle grins you give to strangers if you make eye contact with them as you pass by, at least in the Midwest. was not well received in Germany.

9. From iamkuato:

How much personal space they give themselves. Americans like at LEAST an arm length.

10. From A_Man_Who_Writes:

Eye contact. Maybe a smile and a “how’s it goin?”

11. From MCRN_Lopez:

To quote a Latvian woman I met at a hostel: you hear them coming like the thunder.

More often than not, if they’re talking and laughing louder than everyone else, they’re American.

Edit: I love my American neighbours! Sorry if I sounded rude. Canadians are also pretty loud when we get going.

12. From chonesmcskidds:

according to the cia- when training to be a spy- you have to unlearn how to lean. Americans tend to lean on things when standing still.

13. From Agitated-Coyote768:

When I lived in Spain, the barista at Starbucks immediately knew I was American because how polite I was. I asked him how he knew I was American and he told me, “In Spain, we don’t usually respond with ‘Good, and you.’ Americans are so polite whereas Spaniards will just say ‘Give me my coffee.’” So, I stopped responding nicely and baristas wouldn’t speak to me in English anymore. Culture clash!!!

14. From Signy_Frances:

In my homestay in London, I was told that I was 'so American' for enjoying a piece of cake for breakfast (not frosted cake, but like a nuts and dried fruit spiced coffeecake kind of thing). Apparently that's exclusively for like a 4pm snack, and breakfast is more of a savory meal.

15. From c2u5hed:

Tactical sunglasses

Papaya_East summed it up for the Americans reading through:

As an American, I was expecting to get roasted in these comments. But after reading them I can only laugh and agree

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